Monday, 30 September 2019

Is a career in law for you? 6 reasons why people become lawyers

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Long hours, constant learning, dealing with difficult clients and often distressing cases, the prospect of loosing an entire case, the constant pressure…why would anyone choose to become a lawyer?

It’s amazing that despite all this, thousands of people every year decide to take up a career in law and even more surprisingly – enjoy it! Ask any law firm – check out if you’re looking for legal representation – and they’ll tell you that working as a lawyer isn’t just a job that pays the bills, it’s a vocation and a way of life. Wondering if it’s the career for you? Check out these 6 reasons why people become lawyers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll join them!

The money
Ok, ok it sounds pretty cold. But for some people the lucrative legal world is attractive simply because the salary reflects the hard work you put in. The idea of earning a six figure income certainly an attractive prospect, and if you choose to become specialised in a certain area of law then you have the potential to earn even more and enjoy your job as you do it!

The prestige
All lawyer jokes aside, the world of law is a prestigious one. It cries wealth, knowledge and an extended education. To be a lawyer is to be within circles of other successful professionals and have links to the elite. As a successful lawyer, your reputation will always proceed you and there’s also a glamourous depiction that goes with it. It’s a job that looks good and sounds good.

You can help others
The main reason people get into law, is that it gives them the chance to help others. As a lawyer, you’ll meet people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, and you’ll be the person they turn to for help and justice. It’s an honour. Whether you’re helping someone through a domestic abuse case, or you’re helping an estranged couple come to an agreement over access to their children, you’ll work every day knowing that you’re making a real difference to someone’s life. 

Challenge your brain
We all know that heading to law school and then passing the bar requires years of extended education and hard work. However, the work of a lawyer means that you never stop learning and for some that means the chance to challenge their brain and literally learn something new every single day. Not only that, but as no two cases are the same, you’ll get to work on your problem solving skills and work logically to get your clients the results that they deserve.

The world of an attorney is a far cry from the sterile and often dull working environment of the average office worker. If you enjoy a plush office and all the perks that comes with it then you’d best start working towards that law degree.

Role diversity
From family law to personal injury, employment law, civil litigation and even environmental law, there are so many law divisions you could become an expert in. The possibilities are endless!