Name: Michael something-or-other
Position: Blogger (funnily enough).

By day, Michael works in-house, playing at being a lawyer, without the hassle of filling in time sheets (aren't they such a drag?). He's routinely asked to advise on anything and everything within the baffling world of technology, media and telecoms (TMT), as well as undertaking all kinds of commercial work. Occasionally, he's permitted to dabble in litigation. He describes himself as a corporate lawyer at heart, just with few opportunities to practise corporate law. Life's cruel like that.

By night - when the magic happens - he’s a legal blogging extraordinaire.
Michael was widely hailed as a ‘blogging visionary’ though nobody will admit to saying that now. After a burst of inspiration in February 2007, he set up Law Actually as an undergrad when he should have been reading cases in the law library. The rest, of course, is history.

Modest to a fault, he’s described himself as ‘an ideas guy’, his only drawback being that few of those ideas turn out to be good.

Prone to stress, panic attacks and nervous exhaustion, Michael’s renowned for blogging from the seat of his pants. That’s where most of the content comes from, too.

Enjoys: long lunches, an easy life and spotted ties.
Hates: Smartphones, abuse of reflexive pronouns, spicy food and open plan offices.

Sound Bites:

"My door is always open (unless it's shut - in which case make an appointment)".

"This kind of thing ... it really isn't my bag".

"Abbreviating it makes it no less pernicious".

"As a blogger, she's dead from the neck up".

"I'm all about the Staedtler Sticks".

"And who needs clients like that?"

"Contentious work brings me out in cold sweats".

"Oh give it a bone, Joan".

"I'm not a big believer in shortening names".

"I'm really not stupid; I just act it at times".

"Lawyers don't have a monopoly on the law".

Want to contact him?
He’s an approachable, amiable kind of chap (on a good day) ... you can contact him by emailing: lawactuallymichael@gmail.com

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