Friday, 9 April 2010

What kind of blawger are you?

I realise I’m pushing my luck with this one a bit but I’m hoping the ‘sphere take it with good-humoured grace that typically characterises us all! :-)  Or I might just get a slap from Andro again!

But surely, being able to laugh at yourself is the sign of a good, down-to-earth blawger?


What it really means

We Say


Most likely to be

The intermittent blawger

You’re kind of a hardcore blogger, just without the hardcore bit

Good job. When you can be bothered, that is

A bit more dedication :p

Lost London Law Student, Swiss Tony,
Curious Black Cat

The over-productive blawger

You’ve too much spare time on your hands ;-)

You can have too much of a good thing

Easing off the gas sometimes

Charon QC,


I’m on my soapbox and there’s no getting me off it

You’re a cyberspatial busy-body

We like human rights but not this much ;-)

Mind bending drugs

Ramblings of a Scottish Student,

Law Actually (re. Facebook… kind of)

The Moaner

You like nothing better than a good bitch about something

Blogging is your outlet – we get t.

A long hot soak in the bath


Law Actually

Disappeared without trace

Well, we’re not really sure. Perhaps you were murdered?

Oh well

Leaving a suicide note next time

Lackluster Lawyer, Lacunae, Diary of a Law Student and all the rest

The Scaredy Cat

You tried it; you were perhaps even quite good. Then you lost your nerve ;-)

Come back – no one’s really after you!

Growing a pair? Just kidding ;-)

ASP Bites,

Legally Ginge

I’ll disappear for months on end and then reappear (kind of)

You’re in and out of the ‘sphere like a …

I don’t know what.

Welcome back. Hello?

Oh, you’ve gone again then.

Sticking around :p

Law Minx,

Law Dent

The Specific-Interest blawger

It’s your thing and you want the world to know! 

Keeping it to yourself is the new sharing :p

Not posting music videos, pics of half-naked guys or of your recently painted nails


that blog about nail varnish etc.


  1. Nice try. Get back to you biatching!!!

  2. You've got to make this a regular feature!

  3. ha ha got a good chuckle out of that one :) I agree with AW. :)

  4. Michael, you placed yourself in the wrong category! :P

  5. LG - well said ;-)

    AW & Travis - Glad you like it :-)

    Andro - what category should I be in then?
    p.s. I was initially *much* ruder about you and had put you in a category I had to delete before publishing! :p

  6. Oh, you... At least I don't blog about HR... Wait... I think I'm having a panic attack.

    False alarm! ;D

    P.s. We did the same number of posts in 2008. ;D

  7. Can't believe you missed Pooni! How Rude! ;D

  8. You must have missed it Pooni... or maybe the table didn't render correctly. I've fixed it now :p

    You're a hussy, Andro... always stirring things! ;-)

    And wow... same no. of posts in 2008 - freaky. A bit like our PC monitors, eh? :-/

  9. I'm offended Michael and thanks Andro!

  10. Freaky indeed. Who knows what else is there? :O

    I'm liking the new categories. ;D

    I think your place in more in the 2nd category, Michael! :P

    Plus, where's the 'Advert Whores' section? I can think of a couple of blogs... ;D

  11. Good point, Andro... there are a couple of veritable ad whores in the 'sphere who'll give anyone a go for the right price, eh? :p

  12. At least we're not the ambulance chasers!

    Oh wait...


  13. Me! Moaner! Humph - there must be some mistake *storms off moaning* :-)

  14. My Dear Michael,

    Give me a chance - its only been a fortnight since my last post and you're writing me off again! waaaah!!!!

  15. hehe... sorry Minxy... I wasn't writing you off at all. It was a bit of a cheap dig, I guess, but hoped you'd take it with the good humour it was meant with.

    I added Law Dent to that category also... and you've had a short hiatus from the 'sphere a couple of years ago too as I remember! ;D

    Didn't realise that Ginge was going to start panicking as a result of this post! :-)

  16. 'twas not this post - i was just askin'

  17. The text version looked better. ;)

  18. Yeah, I've changed it back now!

  19. Where would I have been before I got scared of the SRA then? Careful now...