Friday, 28 October 2022

Microsoft Office: coming soon button

I warn you: I’ve decided to publish a blog post and I’ve never been moanier!

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, but I’m not going to apologise or say I’ll try and blog more frequently now because:

  •         It’s not true, and I couldn’t give a flying frick about blogging or my blog. Actually, I think I prefer not blogging. So it probably will be months or years before you hear from me again — if you ever do; and
  •         Nobody reads this blog anyway.

Anyway, enough of that. My beef today is the stupid little loud hailer icon next to the minimise button in Word and other Office apps.

Yes — this thing.
I keep hitting it by mistake when I go to minimise the window.

And when the sidebar popped up today after I hit the damned thing again, I spotted the following text:

Office has a fresh look. It’s modern and new, designed to help you focus on your best work.

Seriously? What a load of fucking bollocks.

I think progress peaked with Office 2010 personally. And this touchy-feely modern-vibe bullshit just makes me want to boke!


  1. Michael!!! I’ve not kept up with blogging either for a few years now (yikes!) but was in a reflective place and found your blog before I found mine (I know!). I don’t like MS Word’s new look either… Best, AW (Preets)

  2. Weird story: got a webinar invitation email from a certain [leading] barristers' chambers and saw none other than our Lost London Law Student on the list of barrister speakers!! Made me remember the golden days of blogging (or blawging!). Was very happy to find that your blog is still here, Michael! :)