Thursday, 5 March 2009

My ‘Legal Space’ – Part 1

My Legal Space 1Paying heed to the adage ‘if you can’t beat them – join them’, I thought this would be a good opportunity to document what is my ‘legal space’. I first saw this over at No. 634 – a US law student blog which is well worth checking out as it happens– who in turn got the idea from someone else.

I guess all of our working practices differ markedly and I’ve certainly seen some strange sights in law school libraries over the years. I’ve actually witnessed much more startling (and at times worrying) student study habits – including bizarre laptop positions - in previous universities where food and drink and general demeanour is less rigorously regulated than at my current and  very ‘traditional’ university.

Here, in all its raw, unaffected glory, is the natural habitat of a postgraduate law student in the midst of a pressing assignment. I should perhaps qualify the terms ‘raw’ and ‘unaffected’ here: my desk is currently considerably tidier than it has been of late owing to one of my girlfriend’s tidying fits that she is afflicted with every now and then.

Reflecting on it, my ‘legal space’ isn’t very ‘legal’ at all; in fact I could be studying almost any subject judging from the items littered on my desk. My textbooks and other legal goodies are stowed at haphazard – or as I’d rather think of it – strategic locations all around my office. Being without a suitably sized shelving unit to fit within arms’ reach of my desk, most of my folders are stowed behind me, leant up against the wall. I guess they form part of my ‘legal space’ too. Pictures will probably follow.

For the time being, here’s my legal space checklist: 

· Coffee mug – check.

· Textbook - check.

· Papers – check.

· Computer – check.

· Lamp – check.

· Friendly leather frog – check. Yep, he’s sitting on the lamp base. Don’t ask!

So there you are: everything a hard-working law student needs.

Strangely, no pens are visible: they’re probably buried under the papers though there is a stationery organiser behind my monitor.


  1. Oh really? How about that!! :o

    It's actually my second one; I returned the first after it developed a high pitch squeal after a fortnight or so that just drove me crazy.

    I really wanted the 24 inch model but just couldn't justify the expense. I've promised myself a 30 inch 'later on' to make up for it. :-)

    It's a pretty good monitor on the whole, though.

  2. I know - freaky.

    30 inch?! I think that would just be uncomfortable. And why would you need it anyway? You said that you quit gaming :P

  3. I have quit gaming, you cheeky hussy. :p For the most, part anyway.

    I know - 30 inch is probably a touch OTT but I like lots of screen 'real estate' particularly when I'm photoshopping.

    I could always set up a dual 24 inch displays.

  4. I wish I was THAT organised...I can't even get to my desk it is that much of a mess!

  5. Mine is usually pretty shambolic so you're not alone.

  6. Nice workspace, by the way

  7. Hm. I don't know if this posted the first time, but, I commented on how much tidier your space is :D

  8. No, I didn't see a comment come through previously. But thanks. Don't feel too bad: it isn't always that tidy!