Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another Tuesday – another Times Law Supplement

Oh joy. No matter how many editions of the times law supplement that I read, either hard-copy from the paper or the email version, I 'never seem to tire of it'. (Cue the big sponsorship fee from 'The Times' for plugging them. Sigh.... if only).
Actually, if the out-and-out truth be told, my attention has waned considerably over the last few years to the point where I often neglect reading it all together. Often, in the case of the email edition, it might take me a few weeks before I get round to reading it. By that time, of course, the content is far from fresh and generally useless (a bit like the mouldy loaf of bread I found the other day lurking out of sight behind the breadbin – and yes, it had developed its own eco system since April).

Anyway, I remember my A-level law lecturer advising that all her students read this supplement with a view to enhancing their knowledge and ‘reading around the subject area’. BTW: I’ve never really understood that phrase; if you’re meant to be studying a subject, isn’t it best to read THAT subject rather than AROUND IT? Just kidding.

My point here is the varying degree of quality of this supplement; it used to be good and substantial. Nowadays, more often than not, it’s filled with more off-center and obscure 'poppycock' and is a mere shadow of its former self. Not even sure why I bother with it anymore.


  1. What day is the paper-copy Times Law Supplement out?

  2. Tuesdays, as far as I know. I just get the email version now which is always sent out on tuesdays and assume the hard copy is the same.

  3. Today's Tuesday and the copies of The Times in the newsagent I went in don't seem to have any supplementation or booklets inserted inside. Is it part of the main paper, do you ask for it from the counter, or should I find a better newsagent?

  4. The Times have recently started pushing out the email version of the supplement on Thursdays so I assume the paper-copy is likewise being released then. Keeping it to Tuesdays, I suppose, would be too simple.