Friday, 15 June 2007

Welcome back

Sweet Mother of Pearl – it’s nearly a month since my last posting here and it’s been a busy few weeks to say the least. Having finished my degree I’ve returned home for the summer before starting my LPC. God help me. I started work a couple of days after arriving home and have been slogging away, getting in the hours. Believe me, the bank balance is crying out for it.

I’ve not done much blogging at all but have some seriously important issues to post about re. Kimi Raikkonen’s current slump/dilemma/early-mid-life-crisis on my other blog, F1 central. I’ve always said that blogging about legal issues rarely ‘lights my fire’. So – I won’t. What’s the point? Nobody reads this garbage anyway. Same could be said for F1 central, but at least I derive a little pleasure from posting there.

Anyway, in line with my renewed promise to keep this blog legally related, I noticed a mug at work earlier with the slogan “I have PMS. Therefore I can legally kill you” on it. As a law student, I recognised that this was not strictly true at all. Ah, the beauty of the second year Criminal Law – best module in the whole degree in my opinion. Nothing like the good-old days, eh?

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