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The rain came down and the floods came up

With the flooding of July 2007 being such a major talking point at the moment, not least in my place of work amongst the old busy-body-fogies, it was only going to be a matter of time before a flood-related posting went up. The other day, one of my colleagues – the archetypal doom ‘n’ gloom merchant – was bandying the phrase ‘Act of God’ about as if it was going out of fashion.This colleague, it should be said, was taking great delight in the fact one of her, much hated co-workershad, or at least was about to, lose her caravan to the floods.Think that says more about her than anything else, and yes, it is a shame. Tragically, she was prophesising about how the flood victims would cope, if and to what extent there would be financial aid, and who was to blame.Then, I spotted an article in the Times law section this week about this very issue. To her credit, she was largely right in that, given that the majority of flood defences are the responsibility of various statutory bodies, f…