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One exam down – one to go

This morning saw me take the first of my two exams on the LLM - company law. Despite the exam room being incredibly hot, the exam itself was ‘textbook’ with barely a curve ball thrown at us throughout the entire paper. In fact, two of the three questions I answered on the corporate veil and directors’ duties respectively, were incredibly similar to the practice essays we had done throughout the year. Our tutor had informed us that attempting those practice questions would stand us in very good stead and she certainly wasn’t kidding! Thank God I duly completed both and looked them over yesterday as part of my revision.Despite prepping my statute book with the requisite plethora of page markers, I reflected on leaving the exam that I didn’t refer to it once. Still, I rarely thumbed through a statute book during all of my exams as an undergrad either. If you’ve revised properly, I’ve always said that statute books are more like security blankets for law students; you don’t really need o…

My Legal Space – Revision Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a legal space picture so here’s my latest. Although I’m currently in the midst of revision, it should be noted that my desk has seen a slight improvement in tidiness from the last time.Note an abundance of page-marking sticky notes on the monitor base – a sure sign that it’s revision season.

When Word Verification Turns Nasty

So there I was last night, entering a comment on someone’s blog (who uses Blogger’s word verification to help keep pesky spammers at bay) when this insult pops up:The irony was I had showered that morning. :p

Yet More Fun with Keywords

Despite my supposed ‘break’ from blawging for the exam season, I thought it was high time I provided another selection of keywords that certain visitors have used to surf their way over to Law Actually.  There are some real brarmers in there:   “people suing dum resons” – This visitor was from the states. Perhaps s/he should have looked closer to home for examples.“career prospects after llb” – I would say ‘varied’. Next?“microsoft songsmith any good” – No, no it’s not.“microsoft songsmith why is it so good” It’s not. I thought we just established that.“little's law assignment” Is that as opposed to ‘big’s law assignment’?“cloud computing law jurisprudence” – You what?!?“i lost my respect at wes' house of ribs” Yeah, we’ve all lost our self respect buddy. And the phrase is: “I lost my self respect at wes’ rib house”. Just so we’re clear.“legal space amount for people at a desk” Room for an average sized notepad, can of mountain dew and a stapler. Next?“wtf is calibri” It’s a …

Brief Hiatus – Courtesy of the Exam Season

Yes, it’s that time of year, again, and much as I would love to carry on blogging with full vigour, I feel compelled to focus on revision for my two exams: company law and competition law. Happily, the dreaded exam season only has 3 and a bit weeks left to run, with my final exam on June 9th.This hiatus is particularly ill-timed, though, as there is a wealth of potentially bloggable material out there at the moment: - Lawyers protest over ‘Tesco Law’ as it takes one further step towards reality. Oh yes!- The findings of Lord Justice Jackson’s report on the status and future of civil litigation. As the Times reports, somewhat predictably, the prognosis isn’t exactly one of unmitigated good health. The article made some interesting suggestions for reform as regards lawyers’ success fees and alternative payment structures as well as suggestions in response to the broader problems that ensue from contingency fee arrangements, particularly in respect of personal injury cases.- The EU finin…

iTunes costs a lot; Zune Pass costs a little. You do the math

From Engadget 11/05/09: We've been wondering when we'd see the next Laptop Hunters ad from Microsoft, but it looks like the company's throwing a change-up: its latest 30-second spot features Wes Moss, Certified Financial Planner, explaining that iTunes "costs a lot" while Zune Pass "costs a little." The argument, of course, is that at a buck a song (or more), filling up your iPod costs way more than the $15 / month cost of the Zune subscription service.The eagle-eyed amongst you might have recognised that Wes Moss, Certified Financial Planner, is a contestant from series 2 of The Apprentice that aired a few years ago. By ‘the Apprentice’ I mean the US version with Donald Trump - you know, the ‘real’ Apprentice …. the one actually worth watching. Wes, as I recall, didn’t fair too well in Trump’s boardroom who was fired about mid way through the series. But not before he had chance to show off his driving ‘skills’ at the wheel of a small lorry, who manoeuv…

Drunk Pedestrian’s Negligence Claim against Driver Fails

From The Solicitors’ Journal 20/04/09: A drunk man who ran into the road, collided with a car and suffered catastrophic head injuries, cannot sue the driver for negligence, the High Court has held.Michael Stewart, who is in a persistent vegetative state as a result of his injuries, had drunk an estimated five to seven pints and was sitting at a bus stop in the early hours of the morning, talking to a friend.Delivering judgment in Stewart v Glaze [2009] EWHC 704(QB), Mr Justice Coulson said Stewart suddenly got up in the middle of his conversation and, without any warning, began walking towards the road.“Mr Glaze was driving at about the speed limit. On his own evidence, he was driving carefully, and there is nothing to indicate otherwise. In particular, there was nothing to say that he had been distracted by anything at all. “He had no reason to take any particular note of Mr Stewart until he stepped off the kerb. From then on, everything happened in a split second. It would, in my j…

25 Random Things (About Facebook Users)

Watch 25 Random Things (Miley Cyrus Parody) and more funny videos on CollegeHumor Continuing with my Facebook theme of yesterday, I thought I’d post this amusing parody of Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 things’ which bemoans users’ tendency to post ‘random’ facts about themselves on FB (and for that matter, other social networking services).  My latest social networking related hate, though, is the content of so many users’ profiles on Twitter.  Quite why anybody feels the need to laden down a blurb about themselves with corny and meaningless attributes like ‘friend’, ‘father’, ‘loving husband’ etc. etc. I really don’t get.  Virtually every single person on earth is a friend to somebody, and do you know how many parents and spouses there are in the world?  To those people, I would simply say: seriously – you need to get over yourselves!  Oh, don’t tell me, you’re a ‘PR guru’ and ‘entrepreneur’ too.  Of course you are – as well as being a ‘social butterfly’ for good measure.  While I’m at it, I’m gues…

Techno Llama: “Why I’m Quitting Facebook”

Long time readers of Law Actually will be well aware of my general dislike for social networking and Facebook in particular. While I have mellowed slightly in my feelings towards certain forms of social media in the last few months, I’ve still kept Facebook at arms’ length.Naturally, then, when I stumbled across Techno Llama’s post entitled ‘Why I’m quitting Facebook’ I just couldn’t resist a peek. Author of the blog, Andres Guadamuz, makes a number of excellent points:[Through using Facebook I’ve] ended up with “friends” that I would probably not recognise in the street if they crossed my path. Unsurprisingly, by the time close friends and family had joined, my list was a bloated and unwieldy collection of former friends, former acquaintances, former work colleagues, former students, and former girlfriends.Facebook is changing the way in which we interact with one another, and not always in a good way.Maybe there are good reasons why we lose touch with old acquaintances, yet Facebook…

A typical computer desktop?

Most people’s computer desktops fall into one of three categories:Spartan/Minimalist - Perfectly clean with just a small handful of oft-used icons strategically placed.Cluttered, chaotic and disorderly – icons on your desktop are analogous to sardines in tins, rarely, if ever cleaned up. The Filing Procrastinator - You’ve tried, bless you, but you’re losing the cluttered desktop war. Most people fall into this category (to varying degrees) and I would include myself in that. I have a bout of desktop clearing every now and then but my clearing antics are always swiftly countered by a returning salvo of new icons/files flooding in.If you fall into one of the latter two categories, this might be just the answer. You can download a blank version as a desktop wallpaper at the correct resolution for your computer which neatly divides up the available screen real estate into ‘zones’. While you might not be able to relate to all of them, most computer users must surely raise their hands to ha…

The Blawgosphere Lives On

<N.B. THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED IN LIGHT OF DEVELOPMENTS IN THE BLAWGOSPHERE. /THE MICHAEL - DECEMBER 2009>Since my ‘Best of the Blawgs’ review in February 2008, there had been a distinct lack of new blawgs gracing the blawgosphere with their presence, a fact I documented in my post last December - Blawging: the burst bubble. That post painted a rather pessimistic picture of the health of the ‘sphere and I prophesised that the death of the rich, diverse ecosystem of blawgs as we knew it was rapidly approaching. Happily, I’ve been proven wrong as in recent weeks a bevy of new blawgs have sprung up and brought the blawgosphere’s numbers back up to healthy levels while injecting some much-needed diversity and vitality into the ‘sphere too.What follows is a list of newly discovered UK blawgs which I regard as entrants to the ‘inner sanctum’ and which you too might want to check out and add to your blogrolls. (If you haven’t already, that is - good news travels quickly between blogg…

Swine Flu: The Way Forward?

Found this via Digg earlier:About right, I’d say.

When Lawyers Panic

From the Times 30/04/09 – Lawyer of the Week (Jo Pizzala)What was your worst day as a lawyer?In a particularly awful domestic violence case, I suspected that a husband whom I was acting against was parking outside my office (he had been in prison for firearms offences). I called the police and an innocent man who was merely looking for a parking space for the dentist next door was cuffed and thrown across the bonnet of his car by the armed rapid response team. ‘Easily done’, I guess.  And ‘better safe than sorry’.  Any other tired clichéd phrases I can throw at it?  No, I think that will do for now.