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Introductory blah blah, late buses and bad weather

Yeah, I have had it all thrown at me today.  After a pretty painless first day, fate conspired against me on day two and I'm hoping to bounce back tomorrow.  After arriving late due to the bus taking a ridiculously long time wending its way through rush-hour traffic - how the hell did I miscalculate that? - I then got a thorough soaking when the heavens opened, only to be then bored by 90 minutes of introductory information delivered via a 'lecture'.  What really rankles, though, is the fact that all of this information is available in the induction materials without the need for it to be verbally regurgitated by law school personnel who should certainly have something better to do; I know the students did.Anyway, as I said, hopefully I can get back on track for day three and shrug-off the problems of today.  BTW: I'm already planning a module change - more on that later in the week.

It's Official: I'm LLM-ing

Yes, after a long summer of waiting, the dreaded LLM started today.  Actually it turned out to be a bit of an anticlimax as these things are wont to do but at least I can finally say that I'm an LLM student.I am very impressed with the efficiency of 'my' new university, so far at least; the registration process passed more quickly and smoothly than I've ever experienced before.  I was slightly frustrated that there is a 'programme' for us new LLM students this week consisting of the usual baloney of sleep-inducing introductory speeches, library tours and, somewhat bizarrely, I'm required to go all the way into the city later this week just to pick up my 'personalised' timetable.  You what?!?Still, on the plus side, the student diaries are the plushest I've ever seen and at least they aren't killing us with lectures on the first day - something I'm still struggling to come to terms with from the LPC.  I've a feeling that course is go…

iPods and Washing Machines Don't Mix

This one doesn't need much explanation and I'm still pretty heartbroken about it.  Seeing as it was a birthday present that I've only had since June makes it worse also.  My poor nano took a real hammering in the washer - I'd kept it in immaculate condition but as it had slammed into the drum countless times, the edges of it are looking a little rough now to say the least.  And yes, if you're wondering, it was pronounced dead at the scene.Suffice to say, Amazon are going to be selling another iPod nano shortly. P.S. That white gunk on the screen is actually behind the cover - we think it's washing powder!

Law Stuff

September seems be slipping by with frightening speed and, as we approach the latter stages of the month, it can only mean one thing: it’s LLM time.Yes, faithful blog-watchers, the Michael will soon be back doing some ‘law stuff’ after a varied and at times, strained summer. I think I’ve divulged on Law Actually before that my LLM is based on commercial content, God help me. No, seriously: I know what I’m doing. Some of my modules are perhaps a touch questionable, though: banking law? Seriously? Anyone? I’m hoping that one isn’t going to come back to bite me.For the most part I’m excited at the prospect of the LLM - much more so than I was this time last year about the LPC. For the next week, I’m going to be enjoying a little down-time before things start in earnest. Coupled with the course, I’m hoping to work a little part time as well, just to help grease the wheels from the financial standpoint. And believe me; those wheels could use some greasin’.I’ve also not forgotten about my …

I'm a PC

An awful lot has been written about the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads which have aired the US of late. And seeing as they’ve been analysed almost out of existence, I don’t feel the need to engage in further analysis of them myself. Well, not too much.If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about – if you don’t immediately recognise what the word ‘Conquistador’ refers to in the context of this conversation – you can check out the previous two ads here and here. Then again, if you’ve already lost me, this probably isn’t your bag anyway.Anyway, for what it’s worth, I like the approach Microsoft and their PR agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, have taken here. It’s clever, measured and, as time passes, I think will prove much more effective than hard-sell techniques. But I will say this: by airing these ads Microsoft have at long last responded the barrage of (often blatantly unfounded) insults directed at them via the Apple switcher ads. And that was the biggest miss Microsoft have made…

Full steam ahead for the Google Navy

From Boat Owner 15/09/08:Google, the Internet search engine company already renowned for radical ideas has really pushed the boat out this time.
According to a patent application seen by The Times newspaper, the multi-billion-dollar company may be embarking on a futuristic server farm aboard what has already been dubbed its 'computer navy'.
Huge banks of computers storing billions of web pages may soon be housed on barges moored offshore, which would use renewable wave energy as a power source.
The company also hopes to avoid paying property taxes on the huge installations it currently runs across the globe.
Electricity consumption by internet servers is predicted to skyrocket in the next 20 years, and as a result, companies such as Google, Microsoft and Sun Systems have been investigating ever more radical solutions to the problem of keeping the electronics cool.
I have to say I quite like the idea of the whole Google houseboat/navy thing, not that it truly matters whe…

Quantum of Solace - The Book to Film Preview

As I mentioned in my previous post, I actually wrote this thing back in late February but didn't publish it for whatever reason.  Anyway, here it is:As I detailed in my monolithic review, I found the short story Quantum of Solace to be excellent. Equally, I thought Craig’s first Bond film, Casino Royale, was a much needed breath of fresh air to the Bond franchise and, possibly, stands as the best Bond film of all time. Naturally, therefore, I’m excited about the film currently in production, which is to take the name Quantum of Solace.As source material for a plot is concerned, the short story from which the title originates has a narrow and limited scope. After all, it’s little more than a brief, albeit fascinating tale told to Bond from a retired and respected civil servant during a rather dull dinner party. The producers and script-writers, then, have had a big project on their hands, effectively tasked with creating the film’s plot from the ground up.It was stated during the …

Quantum of Solace Trailer

Over the past few months, I've been keeping a weather eye on the latest news snippets leaking through to the web about the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace; plus, it seems like I've viewed virtually every unofficial trailer out there. So as we edge ever nearer the release of the new film on 31st October - go figure - my excitement is building steadily.  Just as with Casino Royale, I've got a lot to say on the new film including my thoughts on how well this follow-up film will be received, what kind of job the producers will do in creating a decent enough storyline worthy of the title and, sadly, the reasons why I'm slightly scared it might prove to be the start of a downward spiral from Casino Royale.But enough of that.  I wrote a post way back in February which I realised the other day that I somehow didn't get around to publishing so will throw that up in the next day or so which covers all that and more.  For the time being, the trailer should give Bond lovers o…

Back from Cornwall

It took a little longer than perhaps expected but I finally made it out of Cornwall alive and well. It turned into a busy 5 weeks and I will remain forever indebted to my boss of several years for finding me work, particularly at such short notice. The fact I’ve been kept so busy during the height of the summer this year is perhaps no bad thing; I certainly didn’t miss out on much beach weather after all and I’ve earned myself a chunk of money which is going to come in very useful in the coming months.I’ve about 2 and a half weeks left before I start my LLM – and unsurprisingly I’ve still got a lot of stuff still to sort out. Most pressing on that list is quite how the hell I’m going to make it into the city each day – and on the budget I’ve set myself.  Hmmm.... should be interesting.In the meantime, I’m tinkering about with a new web design project, sorting out the backlog of admin related stuff that has built up in my absence and, of course, waiting for a suitably dry spell of wea…