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Christmas Update

I’ve been at the ‘in-laws’ for Christmas, so-called despite the fact I’m not married. On the whole, Christmas was fine with my girlfriend and I receiving many useful ‘household’ gifts, including a new TV with built-in Freeview. At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, and much to our chagrin, we were given a rather creepy pair of 80’s-style figure ornaments which seem to have been on display in the giftor’s house for a couple of decades. Suffice it to say, we didn’t bring the said ornaments back with us. Although we might seem very ungrateful, don’t judge us too harshly; the giftor is renowned for offloading a good number of her own ornaments onto others in preparation for her emigration. Call me a sceptic, but I think this gift was largely self-serving to that end.Sadly, though, there seems to be a lot of illness going about at the moment and I awoke on Boxing Day feeling none too good. While I don’t seem to have contracted a full-on cold/flu/virus whatever the hell it is, I’m s…

Flirtatious and Frivolous Festive Frolics – All Courtesy of Nigella

I’ve been working a great deal in the last week or so – much more so than I’d planned in fact. Sadly, this hasn’t been without compromise and my previous target of having my IT law paper written by Christmas now appears laughably over-optimistic. Still, I’m glad of the overtime and thought I’d better take advantage of the extra hours while they’re available.Rather guiltily, I’ve not felt like settling down to my paper on returning from work of an evening and with my girlfriend also making the most of overtime, I’ve been amusing myself with some light entertainment on iPlayer. As well as catching up with the excellent Oceans series – which quite possibly stands as the most-watchable oceanic documentary ever screened – I’ve found myself tuning into the undisputed Domestic Godess - Nigella Lawson.While I’ve been known to turn my hand to a few off-piste adventures in the kitchen – all culinary I might add - I wouldn’t describe myself as a gourmet. Equally, I initially found Nigella’s alm…

Blawging - The Burst Bubble?

I know that there are some ‘blawgers’ out there who object to the term ‘blawg’ for reasons which I still don’t fully understand. Never mind. If you are one of those people, particularly if you’re mentioned in this post, I apologise. I'll continue to use the term as it’s a useful and convenient means of distinguishing blogs per se on the one hand, and law-related blogs or general blogs written by someone with a connection – however tenuous – to the law, on the other.  Any blog I deem to fall into this latter category will hereafter be referred to as a ‘blawg’.As I see it, there are 3 types of blawg and, though there are sub-categories within the big three, I’m not getting into that.1. The blog per se. A blog which fails to transcend into the bona fide category of the blawg. It fails to be so classified despite being written by someone who has dabbled or is dabbling in the study or practice of law. Posts might touch upon legal topics, though not necessarily. These tend to fall by t…

Perfect Playlists

When you know you've taken the 'playlist thing' too far!

Facebook could scupper insurance claims

Given that so much time passed from when I was at my Facebook-bashing best, I thought I might as well throw another Facebook related story up on Law Actually.  This time it's a snippet from Accidents Direct on 27.11.08:[L]awyers have warned that insurers are now starting to monitor Facebook when investigating possible fraudulent claims. As before when many warned that potential employers will look at your Facebook page, insurance companies are now checking on what the claimants are up to, and if they judge from your pictures that you may be overstating your claim then it may be put in jeopardy. It’s not only photos; it has also been warned that any light hearted comment written on your wall may be taken the wrong way by insurers and the courts. Not only is there the chance of your claim being thrown out of court, you can also leave yourself open to being prosecuted with making a fraudulent claim.People throw all kinds of content up on their Facebook and other social networking pag…