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The Windows Store is unspeakably bad

Oh – and it’s also riddled with rogue apps.All and sundry in the tech world have reported that Microsoft is finally doing the honourable thing and having a clean out of their much maligned Windows Store.Paul Thurrott picks up the story in his inimitable style as part of this week’s WinInfo Short Takes:Microsoft finally cracks down on deceptive Windows Store appsMicrosoft[…] [has a] policy of "store stuffing," in which for four years now it has approved virtually any app a developer—professional or otherwise—has thrown at the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store, resulting in mountains of crap. […] Microsoft is promoting these stores as safe, safer than downloading desktop applications from unknown sources on the web. But when the supposedly curated Microsoft stores include bogus and even scam apps of all kinds, why would anyone trust these stores, or trust Microsoft when it says it's going to fix things now? Microsoft. This started happening FOUR YEARS AGO. Shame on you.…

Young lawyers’ written communication skills

… aren’t up to much – apparently.

From Young Lawyer 30/07/14: The number of training contracts available has risen, yet the calibre of candidates is unremarkable [.] The number of LPC registrations has dropped for a second year running, while the number of training contracts on offer has risen. You may think that candidates can now afford to be more optimistic. However, speaking with law firm recruiters, it seems that many candidates still have a way to go before catching the golden training contract snitch.I don’t know why I’m so uncomfortable with the word “snitch” but I am. It’s always made me slightly nauseous and involuntarily pull a ‘I’m-eating-raw-lemon’ face. Strange. One aspect still of great concern to a number of firms during the recruitment process is poor written expression. A recruiter in one City law firm said: “It makes me so sad to read these applications. Their academics are very good, but they use text speak and can’t structure sentences properly.”That doesn’t sur…

You can’t get anything done with lawyers around

Bernie Ecclestone provided a wonderful one liner when he spoke about settling his bribery trial in Germany earlier this week:When you're trying to run businesses it's not easy trying to resolve things when you're dealing with lawyers.Bloomin’ charming.Still, we’re not known as the ‘business prevention department’ for nothing. 
Bernie – looking suitably smug having settled his trial