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Sonogram + MP3 = Trademark Registration

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Bloggers Beware – use company logos at your peril!

Murder without a body

Get me to the lecture on time

The 'Lottery' of Limitation

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Between the red thing and the other thing

Remember, Remember the 5th of... what month are we in?

Why is probate so boring?

It’s cheese – It’s popcorn – it’s CHEESY POPCORN

All spooked-out

Wanted: £8-an-hour 'webcam performers' – other perks included

Wake up to your next fire calm and refreshed

Play it again, Mr Kwik-fit man

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The rain came down and the floods came up

Wall to wall sunshine next week. Yes, seriously.

Graduation Bear

Speeder’s right to silence not infringed

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Child Porn in cache - no offence (in Georgia at least)

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