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Prostitution: Behind Closed… Fence Panels?

From 28/08/10:
Police in Zurich, Switzerland have set up “drive-in sex boxes” in the city’s red light district. The boxes give prostitutes more privacy when they work, because if there’s one thing prostitutes are known for, it’s shyness. Actually, the boxes are for the benefit of people living in the area, one of whom said, “They get up to all sorts in broad daylight – and we’re sick to death of looking at it.” I think the paper made a mistake. Shouldn’t the last half of that sentence be, “and I’m running out of popcorn and this lawn chair is making my butt look like plaid”?I guess this is one way of combatting the problem, even if they do look a bit like green fence panels from the average garden centre. And I would have thought that these panels would prove much too tempting for kids to explore when they play hide and seek or whatever kids get up to these days.  The fact remains, though, that shielding the problem from the watchful eyes of residents isn’t dealing with…

Less than 1 week to vote

Yes, it’s come around very quickly, but there’s less than one week left in which to cast your votes for the winners of this year’s blawggies. So if you haven’t yet voted, please do so while there’s still time.  The poll will close on the evening of Friday 3rd September.You can place your votes hereAnd just in case anyone gets carried away, it’s worth pointing out that the executive board Andro, Minxy and I do monitor the IP addresses of voters and look for suspicious patterns of votes. We would hate to have to disqualify anyone, so please don’t vote for your own blawg, or get friends, family or co-workers to place dozens of biased votes on your behalf.  You know the drill – keep it fair and honest.  Oh, and for those of you getting sick of my interviews, don’t worry, the end is in sight. I’ve a handful more planned before I’ll be wrapping up this project. I think it’s been very insightful, though, and I’ve discovered a lot about my fellow blawgers that I wouldn’t have ordinarily got t…

A Law Actually Interview with… Travis the Trout

Next up is Travis – let’s dive straight in:Travis the Trout is an unusual moniker – and perhaps not the most flattering out there. What’s the background story?
It was something my dad came up with back in 2000 when I was trying to think of a unique/quirky email address. He had been to Texas and bought a singing fish - which happened to be called travis the trout - he suggested it, the email address was available and the name kind of stuck. ( as you can see completely random, nothing relating to law and it makes everyone think I am a boy.
You’ve had a blog on both Blogspot and Wordpress. Which platform would you recommend for most UK blawgers and why?
Both Blogger and Wordpress were enjoyable to use. I started on blogspot because I originally had a foodie blog with blogger and i loved it. I changed over when I got restless, and wanted a new look. I don't really recommend one over the other, they are both straightforward to use f…

A Law Actually Interview with… Lost London Law Student

Lost London Law Student is next up to field the questions:Where in your list of priorities does your blawg feature?
Somewhere in between getting a new job, finishing my dissertation and going out!
What’s your take on blawgs which spring up out of nowhere, blast us with x number of posts in quick succession and then disappear without trace?
I enjoy new blogs, much like I enjoy the smell of something that is new, such as getting into a brand new car for the first time. I don't know why these blogs disappear. Most of them have a lot of promise. The legal world is a small community, we all have made similar mistakes or hold similar gripes! We can all benefit from other bloggers remarks and postings. Perhaps these anon blogs were too scared about repercussions. I remember one blog that was taken down, due to something being posted about a fight and threats to sue!!
What’s your biggest regret about your blawg?
That I didn't blog as much as this year as I would have liked t…

A Law Actually Interview with… Little Tiny Pieces

Next up in the interview chair is Gemma from Little Tiny Pieces.Little Tiny Pieces is an interesting name?  What it inspired it; does it have any hidden meanings?
I used to have an Etsy shop where I sold handmade craft supplies and the name fit my product range, which consisted of mini versions of things.  Although I am not updating my shop at present the name stuck and has now become my online identity. 
Unlike many blawgers in the ‘sphere, you tend to avoid blogging about legal subjects.  Do you think of Little Tiny Pieces as a blawg?  Is there a particular reason you tend to avoid legal topics?  Do you think that will change in the future - particularly given your plans to do  the GDL (and eventually the LPC)?
My blog tends to be my creative outlet as I have a mundane day job and I get incredibly frustrated without a form of creativity in my life.  I suppose Little Tiny Pieces isn't a "Blawg" in the more traditional sense however I anticipate it will become…

Let the voting commence!

Yes, after two long weeks of nominations, the shortlist for the 2010 Blawggies has been decided and voting for the awards can officially begin! The polls will remain open for 2 weeks.You can place your votes hereThe rules are simple enough: one vote for each of the 8 categories for the blawg you’d like to win.  As before, please don’t vote for your own blawg.As democratically determined by the ‘sphere, the shortlist of nominees for each category consist of:Best Newcomer'All About LawBadboybarristerGarrulous LawGovan Law CentreOf interest to lawyersThe Justice of the Peace BlogUps and GownsYour Law Student 'Best Design'AbsolvitorAimless WandererAndroid's ReminiscencesBarmaidLaw ActuallyLawDentLawminxNearly Legal 'Best Blawging Regular'Android’s ReminiscencesCharon QC*Jack of Kent**Law ActuallyLandlord LawThe Magistrate’s BlogTravis the Trout

'Best supporting role (i.e. commentators only)'AnyaBethLegally Gingethat famous commentator, Anonymous!


Bid4fees – Definitely not a legal comparison site?

From the Law Society Gazette 05/08/10:
The site, bid4fees dot com, provides an online platform for prospective clients to confidentially list their legal problems and find a lawyer to advise them.Lawyers registered with the site will be able to see the advice requests posted, and correspond with the potential clients via a messaging system to learn more about their case.If a lawyer decides a case is appropriate for them to help, they can bid to represent the client, informing them of their fee. The client then selects the lawyer they want to instruct.Lawyers must submit a fixed-fee bid rather than an hourly rate. The client is free to choose any bid submitted, not necessarily the lowest.There is no charge for clients or solicitors to register, but lawyers who get instructed pay 10% of their fee to the site.When I first saw this site a few weeks ago, I initially put this idea down as gimmicky with a ‘been there – done that’ kind of feel.  However, revisiting it over the last day or…

A Law Actually Interview with… Paralegal Hell

Yes, it’s time for my first interview with a non-UK blawger.  Exciting stuff!  Let’s jump straight to the questions.How did Paralegal Hell come about? 
I always enjoyed reading lawyer and law student blogs, especially the ones that have a sense of humor about themselves, but noticed that there were no Paralegal blogs written in the same humorous tone.  We have Paralegal blogs, but mostly they are how to make your job easier, or spotlight different Paralegals, which is great, but none that actually talked about our jobs on a day to day basis.  Needing a place to vent, I started Paralegal Hell.   I'm all for tips, Paralegals in the news, etc, but it is a blog, not a staff meeting.How much time and attention do you devote to blawgging?  Do you think about your blawg when you aren’t actively blawgging and plan ahead as to posting topics etc.?
I have been on a roll since starting and have about two to three posts per day, but that is because the jokes come to me on a daily basis.  Wheth…

A Law Actually Interview with… Ramblings of a Scottish Student

Next up to be interviewed is Alistair, over at Ramblings of a Scottish Student.You recently broke cover and revealed your true identity to the 'sphere. How do you feel that has gone?  Any regrets?  Do you recommend it?
In all honesty not much has changed.  I do need to be a lot more careful about what I say now as everything can be attributed to me and that could cause problems.  To date though I have no regrets and I think it has gone okay personally.  As for whether I recommend it or not, I feel that it is a matter for the individual blawger. 

How do you balance law and other topics when posting?

No real science to it to be honest, I blog about what I want when I feel like it. You're one of the few UK blawgers who have extended their reach into the 'sphere beyond conventional posting with your foray into podcasting.  Will they be making a reappearance at some point?  Do you see the conventional written blawg becoming less and less relevant (and popular) over time?

A Law Actually Interview with… Andro

Yes, my interview adventures continue with Andro stepping up to face the questions.You’ve designed some great looking blawgs for various members of the ‘sphere.  What makes a good blog design in your opinion and where do you get your inspiration from?
The main thing about a blog is content, so the design shouldn't interfere with it. The main thing for me is readability. No conflicting colours or too much contrast. No fancy fonts. The design needs to be unique and memorable.I get my inspiration from the world around me! Sometimes I would see an interesting combination of colours on the street. Music plays a big part in the design process. I also get my inspiration from websites such as take a very open approach to your identity when blawgging and certainly don’t shy away from revealing who you are.  Do you ever regret that or ever feel sandboxed by what you can / cannot blawg about?
I don't feel sandboxed, because Android's Remini…

A Law Actually Interview with… Pooni

My second interviewee is Pooni.  Let’s jump straight in with the questions.  What’s your take on anonymity when it comes to blawging?It definitely does not exist anymore, unless the profile you keep online is extremely unique and or kept under a different alias nameIf the blawgosphere imploded tomorrow, what would you miss most?The thing I'll miss the most is knowing that I have supporters in terms of view counts and commenters. I found it easier to deal with being jobless when I knew others were in the same situation (but twitter has taken over this part in a way now)What’s the secret to a good blawg, do you think?Up to date, interesting information. Always finding out something new and different helps too (as a reader)What was your worst blawging experience?Most probably the abuse you get from commenters who don't agree with the writer (the solicitor post I did got the most abuse) and knowing that some people no longer blog because of this (sorta relates to the anonymity of …

A Law Actually Interview with… Aimless Wanderer

As part of my spread the blawgin’ lovin’ campaign, I’ve decided to conduct a few ‘remote interviews’ with key members of the blawgosphere.The idea is to hopefully reveal a little more of the blawgers behind the blawgs which make up the ‘sphere.  I’m hoping it’ll prove an interesting way of exploring and understanding the glue that holds (sometimes a touch tenuously) the blawgosphere together.  It might also go some way in making blogging more accessible to newbies or encourage wannabee blawgers to have a go.  If nothing else, though, I hope it’ll provide some interesting insights into the fascinating personalities within the ‘sphere - which we might not have otherwise got.My first interview is with Aimless Wanderer.How did you  get into blawging?
My friend, CBC, first got me into blawging while I was still at University... but I deleted my blog within the year. I returned to blawging as an LPC student following my Dad's funeral. I felt extremely isolated at the time as it was…

Man jailed after grabbing hold of chopper

From BBC News 03/08/10:
A man has been sentenced to a year in prison for endangering the safety of an aircraft when he grabbed a helicopter as it took off in Bristol.Bristol Crown Court was told Houshang Jafari, 58, became "extremely angry" after the helicopter landed near his flat, causing debris to hit his car.Jafari was said to have become angry when the private aircraft blew debris at his Range Rover.He approached the helicopter, threw a bag of rubbish at its nose and then kicked it.As the pilot tried to take off, Jafari grabbed the skid bar as it was about 6ft (1.83m) off the ground.This caused the helicopter to lurch to the right. An eyewitness told the court the aircraft narrowly missed nearby houses as it "swerved around" and "flew erratically" away.Sentencing Jafari, Judge Michael Roach said it was a "deliberate and much more a reckless and dangerous act" and, despite the fact he was a business and family man, he had "no choice…