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Latest Employment Tribunal statistics show drop in number of claims made

Guest PostOn 10 September 2015 the Ministry of Justice published the latest set of quarterly Employment Tribunal statistics for April to June 2015. This report laid out statistics for the Employment Tribunal for this period relating to the number of claims made, the number of claims that were successful, and the amount of compensation that was awarded for claims.The number of claims madeThe report stated that there has been a continued trend of decline in the number of claims (both individual and multiple) made in the Employment Tribunal between 2012/13 and 2014/15, as follows:- 2012/13: an average of 52,000 new claims per quarter- 2013/14: an average of 26,500 new claims per quarter- April to June 2014/15: an average of 12,563 new claims per quarterWith regards to individual claims (claims made by one individual against one or more persons) the trend of claims has been more volatile:- October 2012: 5,000 claims made- June 2013: 4,000 claims made- July 2013: 6,500 claims made- Septemb…

Can a Private Investigator be an aid to the legal process?

Guest Post
With the number of high profile court cases recently featuring journalists who used the services of Private Investigators you may be excused for thinking the investigators are a thoroughly disreputable lot. Case after case we heard the same story; the journalist had simply employed a detective to hack into people’s mobile phones and gather the gossip they needed for their stories. Given the recent negative publicity it would therefore be natural to find some reticence on the part of the legal profession to use Private Investigators for fear of falling foul of the law themselves. Of course this fear is unfounded and generations of solicitors have successfully used investigators to help them achieve the legal outcome they were looking for. We should be clear that the odd bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch. So what should you look for when choosing a Private Detective? First you need to choose a reputable company. This may sound obvious but when you look at the proliferation of…