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Back from the brink

As Murray Walker might say: “I make no apologies for my absence… but I’m sorry I’ve not been here”. In case the world missed it – which, of course, it didn’t, as nobody reads blogs now – I’ve been away for a bit.

It wasn’t really a conscious decision.I just found myself busy with other things to do and afflicted with a serious disinterest in both law and blogging.That’s something of a handicap when it comes to producing content for a legal-themed blog. I’ve thought about returning before now and I’ve even had a flick through some of my old posts a couple of times. But despite doing this, I couldn’t quite bring myself to start blogging again.The mere thought of blogging just felt a bit, well, tired and old, frankly.I’ve only come back today to have a cathartic whinge.

Aside from all that, Blogger seems to have thrown a wobbly interacting with Windows Live Writer and the freshly-released Open Live Writer.Trying to post to Blogger using the web interface makes blogging even more of a ballach…