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Airborne Affront to Court Etiquette

From This is Grimsby 31/01/13:The quiet dignity of a court session was abruptly disturbed when someone loudly broke wind in the public gallery.Nobody apologised for the noisy interruption – and there were anxious looks from people nearby who feared they might get the blame. [Remember – he who smelt it, dealt it.  Then again, he who said the rhyme, did the crime].  Grimsby magistrates pretended they had not heard a thing, and in a seemingly unrelated incident a few minutes later, all the lights went out for a few seconds before flickering back on again.Goodness me and a half. Let’s hope it did come from the public gallery; surely the magistrates themselves wouldn’t have let rip with a backdoor trombone blast.  I wonder how the parpetrator perpetrator fared.

5 best break-up movies

Sponsored PostFilms about break-ups not only help you review your own relationship when experiencing disappointments and frustrations, but distract you from reality for a while to appreciate the beauty of an ideal love. If you’re looking for movie therapy to renew your hope in love and life, here are five movies that will not disappoint.(500) Days of SummerTime heals all wounds, but during a period of time after a devastating breakup, many people believe they would never love again. This is a film for those who have given more than they have gotten, but manage to pick themselves up when they realize it is time to move on. The story is based upon the male protagonist Tom and his memory-driven look at a failed relationship. When Tom meets Summer, he is a romantic greeting card writer and she is a relationship cynic who claims she does not believe in true love. The two date for several months before they end their relationship on day 290. When Tom sees Summer again on day 488, she is mar…

Movies and TV shows for the newly single mum

Sponsored PostBeing a single mum can be challenging, but it most certainly can be rewarding. While newspapers and television shows always seem to take a negative spin on single mothers, in reality you will have a closer bond with your child – and plus, who needs a man all the time anyway?Single motherhood can be an occasion to rise to, and there is no better way to step up to the challenge than to watch some movies that just make you feel good. Whether you’re laughing with Lorelai and Rory or nodding in agreement with Miranda from Sex and the City, these movies and TV shows will make you feel strong, empowered, and ready to conquer the world with a little one in your life.Erin Brockovich (2000)Dubbed as the ‘Godfather of single mother movies’, Erin Brockovich is one that you must, must, must add to your movies list. Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of Erin, an unemployed single mother who is desperately seeking a job. When she finally gets a job as a legal assistant, sh…

Old fashioned policing saves the day

From The Independent 19/02/13:A drunk burglar who led police from the scene of a break-in to his own doorstep with a trail of footprints in the snow has been spared jail.Lewis Ward, 28, snuck into a home in Raby Street, Darlington and took an iPad. He stole the tablet from a woman who was alone and waiting for her partner to come home from work.Officers spotted distinctive trainer footprints in the snow by the victim's front door and followed the tracks down alleyways and back lanes.Police spent an hour and a half following the mile long trail from the victim's home to Ward's house on the other side of town, where they discovered his trainers still wet, with identical patterns on the soles. They found the stolen iPad hidden in a bedroom in the house.If only he had read or watched a bit of Sherlock Holmes!  Tracing footprints in the snow is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  It’s also nice to know there’s still a place for old fashioned techniques in modern policing.  I…

Debunking the Same-Sex Marriage Myth

Sponsored PostDecember 2005 – the Civil Partnership Act was born, giving same-sex couples the opportunity to enter into civil partnerships together. February 2013 – the majority of MPs vote in favour of a change to the law which would allow same-sex couples to get married.The backlash to the decision was perhaps predictable, but still surprising in some way – why are so many people opposed to the idea of gay people getting married?Some of the more vocal critics like to point out that marriage is a sacred religious rite, rather than a civil right, often pointing to the Bible to back up their claims. The typically quoted passage comes from the book of Leviticus, stating “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death” (20:13).Okay, so this does certainly seem as though the fundamentalists have a point. However, let’s not be too hasty and just have a look at another handful of quotations from the sam…

Happy Birthday Law Actually

Yep, that’s another one ticked off!Six years old – and still going strong!  I can hardly believe it.As long as no one calls in and requests Vanessa (Frickin’) Feltz plays the number one song* from the day Law Actually was born, we’ll all be fine.Happ-PEE Birth-DAY…..Happ-PEE Birth-DAYOh, actually, they’ve changed the jingle now, haven’t they?  I think it’s the moronic interviews which irritate me most of all.  Still, I can’t miss Chris Evans’ breakfast show, can I?*(It seems it was Mika’s “Grace Kelly”.  There’s no accounting for taste….)

Almost as boring as a lawyer’s office…

From Huffington Post 16/02/13:Brits have got the hots for slow-burning Scandinavian drama, from The Killing, to Borgen, to The Bridge, but the latest hot offering from Norwegian state TV might not see any takers here - a 12 hour broadcast of a burning log fire.The NRK programme, described by the channel's head of programming Rune Moeklebust as "slow but noble television, will be a continuous shot of the wood burning - to capture the age-old entertainment of staring at a log fire.I hear the BBC have commissioned two similar styles of show as part of their flagship Saturday night schedule.  One consists of a camera trained on a freshly painted wall so viewers can watch it dry.  The other sees a camera trained on a lawyer working at his desk.I think the Norwegian log fire version wins every time.

Lawyer vs Pragmatist

Situation: Ben from Eastenders standing in shock over big Heather’s (Evvvv’s) body after smashing her head with a picture frame.The lawyer said: “I’d advise you to put forward a prepared statement and then make no further comment at interview”.The pragmatist said: “You’d better lube up - you’re going to jail”.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Forget flowers, chocolates or lingerie.  How about a “Hug-Ya” cushion?But why’s the female version wearing a Marigold glove?  Don’t tell me it’s for the washing up.  A bit sexist, isn’t it? 

Or how about this robo-snog device – perfect for those long distance relationships.

And who said romance was dead?  Humans really are a disturbed species!

B2B Travel Law - The Digital Revolution

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As more and more businesses go digital, it is absolutely essential that you understand the potential risks that the digital revolution has on your travel business. ASB Law specialists intravel lawhave been hard at work gathering and researching information about the latest digital trends and the legal implications that the travel industry needs to consider when looking to go digital.

Here is what they found...

Stating the obvious – postgraduate study makes a HUGE difference

Darn it – there was no electronic version (at least not that I could find). Still, that scanner’s got to justify its existence somehow! ;-)Anyhow, let me run that first line past you again.Students who want to stand out in the job market now need postgraduate degrees, says a think-tank. Really?It took a think tank to figure this one out?  Is this another case of “more tank than think”?  Which politician was it who coined that one?  ;-)This isn’t any kind of revelation at all; graduates have been experiencing the “degree inflation” phenomenon first hand for several years.  Quite why it’s popped up again suddenly as “news” is beyond me.When I was towards the tail end of my LL.M, I immediately noticed what a difference having a postgrad qualification made.  In fact, my employer explicitly told me it was my postgrad degree which made the difference in them hiring me over other candidates (helped in no small part by my quirky dissertation).  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that pos…

How to improve your grades at law school

No, getting an iPad won’t help you.I received the following email from a stressed (and struggling) law student a couple of weeks ago. Dear Sir, I am a second year Law LLB student. Actually, I have been very worried with my progress at university. In my first year I got very poor marks- I got 2 3rds and 1 2:2. This year I got my semester 1 marked assignments: Tort 52%; Civil Litigation 52%; Evidence Law 42% and Land 41 %. These marks are very worrying for me. I want to achieve at least a 2:1 Law degree. Will I be able to achieve a 2:1 with these poor marks? What do I do to get a 2:1?  The remarks for my essay are that I am too descriptive though I have a good knowledge of the question asked and I give some good cases. What should I do not to be descriptive? Could you give me an example about this, please.  I would be much grateful if you could advise me on this matter.  Many Thanks. Kind Regards,
[Law Student]Deary me.  What’ya think folks?  Is our law student in trouble? What should th…