What’s Happened to Law Actually

When I created this blog earlier this year, my other blog, F1 Central, had been operational for nearly 2 and a half years. However, I’d not done much blogging in that time, quite honestly. I had been thinking about creating a law(ish) blog for a while and with my rediscovered interest in blogging, I thought the timing was perfect. However, Law Actually has suffered a rather tumultuous beginning. It’s seen just a fraction of the entries that F1 Central has and keeping it updated has been a chore rather than a pleasure. I had some fairly clear-cut ideas as to the format and what I wanted from it but it’s not really ended up that way, sadly.

So, the Michael is left with 4 options:

1. Abandon Law Actually all together and concentrate on F1 Central;
2. Continue with 2 blogs and accept that one must take precedence over the other;
3. Merge them both in together;
4. Abandon F1 Central OVER Law Actually (OMG, surely not?!?)

Troublesomely, I’ve absolutely no idea which option I will be going for at this stage. I suppose it’s just a question of ‘wait and see’. While I ponder this dilemma I should probably continue as is, but will endeavor to reestablish the (mildly) comedic roots of law actually and not let it continue spiraling into a rather washed-out portal for me to publish semi-sensible articles on ‘pressing legal issues’.


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