All smoked out....

So it's finally here - the first day of the smoking ban in public places. Many thought we'd never see the day when such a law came into effect and I know many croaky old codgers that'll be cursing it for years to come. I'm very much all for it, though, and readily dismiss arguments such as 'the state dictating to citizens' and the ban being tantamount to an erosion of human rights and civil liberties as 'narrow-sighted, dogmatic, and unreasonable bullsh*t'. Suffice to say, I set little store by the parochial argument a colleague attempted to ply me with earlier: 'we won the war so why should we be dictated to'. I snubbed her argument as politely as I could, but couldn't help wondering where the hell her line of reasoning came from. Actually, she's got a point, but it doesn't support her opinion at all. After all, didn't gassing people with toxic fumes against their will go out with the 'war'?!?!?

It can't be easy, though, for all those poor old nicotine-addicted, phlegm-hawking smokers, all gagging for a fag in places where before, they wouldn't have thought twice about lighting up. I do sympathise deeply, of course.

Oh well, they'll cope.


  1. Hi LA,

    I'm quite sure that, if the hoardes of nicotene addicted phlegm hawking smokers had a chance to spend a 12 hour shift with me on a busy Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit,where smoking related lung disease causes nothing but pain, misery and death, they would have cause to think more than twice about carrying on with such a disgusting habit.

  2. Why, Michael, you are AWFUL ( But I LIKE it!)
    *Bats excessively false eyelashes in a seductive manner*


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