The Michael on 'damage-limitation'

Tragically, ironically and damn-well infuriatingly, the Michael has caught a cold. Quite a bad one, in fact. How this could have happened right on the weekend before I was starting the LPC can only be put down to 'sod's law of the jam-side down theory'.

So while I go about in my usual walking-deathbed manner which is the norm when I'm ill, it's a question of limiting the damage that me being off-form is causing at the all important start of the LPC. So far, so good. If this was my formula one blog, I might draw an analogy between me catching a cold and a driver taking a ten place grid penalty for an engine change. Well, the way I'm feeling with this one, I'm starting from the freaking pit-lane. What a pis*er!


  1. O Dear . Man 'Flu is such a DRAG isnt it? Paricularly in the typically MANLY absence of willngness to take anything to ease the sheer agony of it all.......

  2. Absolutely - man flu is big deal Minxy. Glad you appreciate the gravity of my situation! ;-)

  3. Awww. Diddums.......


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