Down but not out

I've been down in Cornwall for the last fortnight doing a bit of 'freelance' work for my old boss.  In the melee of things going on at the moment, this poor blog hasn't had a look in and, as much as it pains me to admit, don't see that changing anytime soon.  I should be returning home in the next couple of weeks or so and after that, Law Actually will hopefully see some kind of overdue and much needed post.

Naturally, I've not been keeping fully abreast of the developments in the blawgosphere recently but trust that everyone is surviving the summer and the fact that the 'season' seems to have passed the UK by completely this year.


  1. A- HAH - So THAT'S where you've been! I was wondering why you were so unusually quiet!!!
    Don't work too hard - and come back to the ether soon!! :)

  2. Hope you get to enjoy some clotted cream ice cream :)

  3. Mel, there is always a food theme with you isn't there!

    LA, You are one up on me. Nobody I have ever worked for would want me back!


  4. clotted cream ice cream is tremendously EVIL, and, therefore, tremendously theraputic!! :))

  5. I'll have to bring back a batch of clotted cream for the blawgosphere to enjoy, eh?!

    'Tis a proper-job! :-P

  6. *blushes*

    It's one of life's simple pleasures!

    Oh dear, I shall have to reign it back. Well...the people are lovely in Cornwall, and it's pretty and I hear you can surf there - but it would be unlike me to do anything physical!

    I will say the fish and chips were a challenge that even my gluttonous ways were not up to - huge!

  7. Look forward to getting some regular posts from you again.

    Everything seems to have wound down over the past month in particular. Oh well, the fun starts again soon!


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