Does the UK suffer from a compensation culture?

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Car AccidentHailed by many as a direct response to a growing compensation culture in the UK, the Jackson reforms introduced on the 1 of April brought in a number of new pieces of legislation intended to prevent Britain from becoming a “claim happy” nation. In some quarters it has been suggested that the reforms come too late or don’t go far enough to protect those unfortunate people who are targeted by “unmeritorious claims”, while figures such as Lord Dyson, the Master of the Rolls, have suggested that compensation culture is in fact a myth propagated by the media.

What all concerned are keen to point out, however, is that these changes within the legal system are not intended to clamp down on genuine claims made by those badly affected by an accident. Personal injuries can be serious issues and those organisations built around helping claimants to push their cases through the small claims courts are wrong to be universally labelled as ambulance chasers. As specialists in road traffic accidents (RTAs), Winn Solicitors come across one of the most stigmatised of them all – the whiplash claim. But what is interesting to note, is that the facts paint a very different picture to the public perception, as was seen when the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers took a closer look at the statistics. Their finding showed that 40% of people suffering from whiplash don’t claim as a result of a whiplash injury, even though one in five people suffering from whiplash suffer from the injury for more than a year. With symptoms varying from migraines and dizziness, to neck pain, blurred vision and even depression, it is important that accident victims have access to the right level of care – whether it be physiotherapy, gym-based rehabilitation or acupuncture. And they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about being compensated for the cost of any necessary treatments.

Another important distinction to be made between the road traffic accidents dealt with by Winn Solicitors is that an accident on the road more often than not incurs a significant cost. Aside from your home, your car is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll make, so being shunted from behind can have implications for both your insurance premiums, excesses and no claims discounts, while the inability to commute can cause significant financial problems.

In short, the cost of a road traffic accident is a hit to the pocket and the dangers of using heavy and high-powered motor vehicles are part of the reason why all motorists must insure their cars by law in the UK. This law means that if you find yourself hit by another motorist you are able to recoup the cost of repairs, replacement vehicles, injuries and other associated costs. By calling Winns before your insurers, you can make sure you safeguard your premium, no claims and excess, too.

If you’ve had a crash in the last three years and want to find out if you are eligible to make a legitimate claim, don’t feel that you are part of a culture. Call Winn Solicitors or click here and we’ll assess your case and help you to claim full and fair compensation for your non-fault accident.

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