Monday, 24 February 2014

All’s well at blogging basecamp

Since the demise of Google Reader last summer, I’ve been pondering the best way to keep up to date with the online content I like to follow.

I’ve tried a bunch of online RSS feed services and standalone applications. One of these was Digg Reader which, despite my best efforts in overlooking its obvious faults, I abandoned quite quickly feeling very underwhelmed.

Well, I’m giving it another go. It’s still missing some functionality that I’d really like to see - such as unread post numbers and the ability to add new content directly into a subfolder. But I still prefer it to the competition, like The Old Reader and Feedly, mainly because of its clean and no-nonsense interface.

Since firing Digg Reader back up, I’ve been pruning and purging some of my subscriptions. All that deadwood just had to go.

It also made sense to thin out the number the blogs that I link to. I don’t feel the need to apologise: if you were on my blogroll but aren’t any longer, I’m sure you won’t have noticed the change (you probably haven’t even ventured into the blawgosphere for at least 12 months!).

I keep meaning to spend some time checking out the blogrolls of other blogs, you know, to see if any new shoots in the ‘sphere have sprouted. It might be worth me having a butchers on Google, too. Someone’s got to be blogging out there!

On top of that, I’m tinkering around with the template of Law Actually in areas. The changes are quite subtle so far, but I’ve some more work to do.

Who knows – maybe a complete redesign is on the cards for later in the year…

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