Should I use a claims management company to make a PPI claim?

PPI ClaimNo. No you shouldn’t. It’s as simple as that.

PPI claims companies add no value whatsoever and the sooner they’re hunted to extinction, the better.

Making a PPI claim is incredibly simple and any layperson who can fill in a simple form can do it themselves. And making a claim for PPI mis-selling yourself means you won’t have to pay out up to 25% of any compensation you’re awarded – unlike the situation with claims management companies.

Thankfully, banks are spelling this out for potential claimants now.

For instance, RBS letters say the following:

Should you wish to complain we would urge you to complain directly to us, rather than using a Claims Management Company ('CMC') which may charge you up to 25% of any possible refund as a fee. We treat all complaints received directly from customers in exactly the same way as one from a CMC.

I guess that’s progress.


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