The Purpose of Disability Benefits

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Disability Benefits
Disability benefits are set in motion to help people who suffer from unforeseen illnesses and injuries. A wide variety of situations may qualify a person to receive disability benefits. A worker who develops a severe illness or gets involved in an accident can qualify for disability. Many employers supply their employees with disability benefits as part of their benefits packages. The disability benefits cover a portion of the worker’s income until that person recovers from the illness and can return to work. The income portions vary depending on the insurance company. Usually the benefit falls in between 70 percent and 100 percent, and it may fluctuate over time. 

Private Disability Benefits

Some consumers purchase private disability benefits because their employers do not offer them. Self-employed individuals may seek disability coverage, as well. Those disability benefits work the same way that other benefits work. The process of filing a claim is usually identical, and it involves a phone call to the insurance company and proof of the illness and restrictions. A certified medical professional will have to state a recovery period, and the specialist will have to clear the person before he or she can return to the labors of the job. 

Government Disability Benefits

Another form of disability benefits comes from the government. The government benefits cover a wide range of physical and mental illnesses. Just a few illnesses that the government disability benefits cover are cancer, HIV, diabetes, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. The process is lengthy with government benefits, but the outcome can be the same. The issuing party will either approve or decline disability benefits. 

Reasons that applicants have their disability benefits denied vary. Some of the most common reasons that the insurance companies and government entities use for denial are that the applicants are not disabled, the applicants are not disabled enough, the documentation was insufficient, the doctor did not substantiate the claim, and the person had the capacity to perform a different type of work. Unfortunately, some insurance companies give the ill parties the run around because they do not wish to pay benefits. In such cases, the applicants can seek the assistance of an experienced disability lawyer who can fight to have the decision reversed. Howie, Sacks & Henry is an example of a firm that fights hard for disabled people. A disabled person can schedule a consultation today for assistance.


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