Woman jailed for excessive ‘vocalising’ during sex

From the Metro 01/06/15:

Gemma Wale [or is that wail? ;-) ] 23, was ordered to serve two weeks behind bars for breaching an ASBO.


A court heard how she ‘screamed and shouted’ at a level of noise which had offended neighbours during a ten minute romp at her house in Small Heath, Birmingham.

The court heard Birmingham City Council took legal action after neighbour Ghazala Bibi, 40, complained about loud sex noises coming from her home.

Mrs Bibi said in evidence: ‘Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up. This lasted ten minutes.’

In a written judgement Judge Kelly said an anti-social behaviour order had barred Wale from making ‘loud sex noises’ at her home in Hob Moor Lane [which she had breached during a session of raucous hanky panky in the early hours of 29 January].

Here, according to the Metro, is the love shack where Gemma Wale wailed like a trooper in breach of her ASBO. Looks romantic, doesn’t it?

Love Shack

I suppose It would have been pointless for a police officer to have attended the scene to ask her to come quietly.

Be right back  Ahem!

Sorry folks: I can’t take the credit for that one. It’s from an episode of classic nineties comedy, The Thin Blue Line, in which the police receive a complaint from a neighbour about loud sex noises made by the ‘noisy nympho at number nine’.

The parallels to this story are uncanny. 

In that episode, resident joker D.C. Kray -- probably the best character in the show -- helpfully suggested that his uniformed colleague should “put the handcuffs on her ankles – that’d solve the whole thing”.

Worth considering, perhaps. I’m not sure how it would square with PACE, though.


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