Back from the brink

As Murray Walker might say: “I make no apologies for my absence… but I’m sorry I’ve not been here”.
In case the world missed it – which, of course, it didn’t, as nobody reads blogs now – I’ve been away for a bit. 

It wasn’t really a conscious decision.  I just found myself busy with other things to do and afflicted with a serious disinterest in both law and blogging.  That’s something of a handicap when it comes to producing content for a legal-themed blog.
I’ve thought about returning before now and I’ve even had a flick through some of my old posts a couple of times.  But despite doing this, I couldn’t quite bring myself to start blogging again.  The mere thought of blogging just felt a bit, well, tired and old, frankly.  I’ve only come back today to have a cathartic whinge. 

Aside from all that, Blogger seems to have thrown a wobbly interacting with Windows Live Writer and the freshly-released Open Live Writer.  Trying to post to Blogger using the web interface makes blogging even more of a ballache.  And my life’s full of enough ballaches at the moment.
Tradition dictates that I should be putting together this year’s festive-themed header for Law Actually, but I’m not sure I can stomach it.  You’ve all seen enough bells, Christmas trees, and frigging Santa for another 12 months I’m sure.  I know I have.


  1. I've only just stumbled across this blog. I would argue that blogging is still very current, however, most blogs attract their attention through a youtube channel which expresses the same interests in video form. Would you be interested in doing that?? I hope to hear from you soon. Ps -amazing name (lawactually)

  2. See you're even getting new readers Michael. I took a major break too but getting back into it. I have new goals and challenges and need somewhere to make sense of the world and my place in it - a blog is a wonderful place to attempt this!

    Missed you. Your festive header better be twice as good as usual next year!

    AW x

  3. Thanks AW. My appetite for blogging isn't quite what it once was, but that doesn't mean to say I'm ready to throw in the towel, either.

    I'll have to get my Christmas header prepared in good time next time round! :-)


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