Can I interest anyone in a packed lunch?

Luckily, my formative assessment in the interviewing and advising module went swimmingly on Tuesday with one exception. About half way through, 2 air-heads walked in trying to sell us packed lunches. My assessor, clearly unimpressed, hissed back at them through gritted teeth, “we’re actually trying to conduct an interview in here”. They backed out immediately murmuring the requisite ‘sorry’ and were never seen again. Well not by me, anyway. Interestingly, though, on my way out I noticed that the two crates of packed-lunches had been left in the corridor by the entrance to another room with no-one in the vicinity. If I was of more questionable character, I could have swiped one and hidden it under my coat to munch on later. Being the fine, upstanding citizen that I am, I didn’t.

Naturally I regretted it later. Talk about a wasted opportunity.


  1. BVC/LPC providers are that tight You'd probably have been caught swiping the aforementioned - and no doubtedly "Delicious" ( if the food at my provider is anything to go by, I would use this term advisedly)- packed lunch on cam.......

  2. yeah, definitely agree there Minxy. And they charge through the nose for it too. B*stards!


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