If you go down to the shops today...

On Friday whilst on a casual jaunt through town, my girlfriend and I were stopped in the street. Nothing strange in that you might think, but this was no ordinary street encounter. We were intercepted by 3 men: one costumed in large bright pink pig outfit, the other in a Tigger, the third, more unremarkably attired, sported a camera and clipboard.

Caught off-guard by such creatures inhabiting the street (and previously having my attention dedicated solely on browsing round the German-style Christmas street market, giggling at the sign for the ‘wieners’ being sold) we were initially nonplussed. Getting my wits back, I quickly smelt a rat. Well a pig and tigger, actually. After all, whose warning antennae wouldn’t go into overdrive and detect something dodgy afoot when suddenly advanced upon by a giant pig and tigger?

It turns out they were trying to sell us some crappy personalised Christmas card and calendar deal, the quality of which was easily rivalled by that of the typical creations of a reception class in an average primary school. In short, I quickly turned down the deal and left wondering quite what the hell pigs and tiggers had to do with Christmas, as well as what new lows people would sink to in making a buck in time for Christmas. It was only later (and seeing Geeklawyer’s comment on a mannequin’s penis) that I wondered out loud whether a pig and tigger could be validly charged and convicted under s5 of the Public Order Act 1986 in respect disorderly behaviour ‘in sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, distress and alarm thereby’. I mean, after all, who isn’t going to be caused harassment, distress and alarm when ambushed in broad daylight in the in the shopping street by a human sized pig and tigger?


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