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Man working in a very small office. Yes, despite the dearth of posts that this poor blog has seen in the last week or so, I am still about.  I have to admit, though, the workload for my LL.M and working part time to help stay afloat is taking its toll.  Last week was particularly bad as I had to attend the 3rd day of training on the Thursday which is usually my 'free' day and something I desperately needed to keep free to prepare for the 3 seminars I have every other Tuesday.  Yes, that's tomorrow.  Let's just say that my preparation for Corporate Governance has received rather scant attention so far and I'm not hopeful that that's going to change in time for tomorrow.

Anyway, despite this hectic schedule, I've found the time to go and see Quantum of Solace, a film which pretty much met most of my expectations.  Obviously, I'll be writing up my 'Quantum of Solace Review' at some point (at this rate it'll hopefully be before the end of 2009 ) so I'll save all comments in respect of the film until then.  What I will say, though, is that in one 'screen' in a certain branch of Vue, they've insisted on placing the front bank of seats ridiculously, bizarrely and migraine-inducingly close to the screen itself.  Seriously, I had never seen anything quite like this.  Granted, we were cutting it a bit fine for the viewing we'd planned for so only had ourselves to blame that we had to plumb for the said seats, but nobody seriously could have enjoyably watched a film from them.  So, our tenure in those seats was short-lived: we walked out 30 seconds later to request a re-scheduling.  As my girlfriend and I observed at the time: it was like watching a movie on a widescreen TV with your nose pressed against the glass.  Shame on you Vue.  Shame on you. As if selling crazily priced refreshments wasn't bad enough!!

Alas, all was well and having queued up a good 45 minutes before the next viewing was due to start, we were more or less on pole position for our choice of seats. 

Oh boy: what's that I hear, calling quietly in the background?  Of course, it's my competition law work reminding me that it won't do itself and that seminar (along with the others) is TOMORROW!


  1. Hi LA,

    My GOD, you've gone for the toughies at masters level!! Though I enjoyed competition as an undergrad I cant say I'd like to tackle it as a postgrad - it must be surreal!!!! And Three SEMINARS on a TUESDAY? ( *faints*)

    I personally cant STAND Vue Cinemas - they sell RUBBISH popcorn.......!!

  2. Good to see you back Minxy!! I wasn't sure what had happened to you.

    Yesterday was certainly a long day, plus the competition seminar ran over by 30 minutes (we're such a keen bunch) meaning that I only got 30 minutes down time between 10.00am and 6.00pm. Even the LPC wasn't that bad!

    I learnt about the quality (and price) of Vue popcorn a couple of years ago - a mistake I've vowed never to repeat.


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