Christmas Update

Family Guy - Santa I’ve been at the ‘in-laws’ for Christmas, so-called despite the fact I’m not married. On the whole, Christmas was fine with my girlfriend and I receiving many useful ‘household’ gifts, including a new TV with built-in Freeview. At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, and much to our chagrin, we were given a rather creepy pair of 80’s-style figure ornaments which seem to have been on display in the giftor’s house for a couple of decades. Suffice it to say, we didn’t bring the said ornaments back with us. Although we might seem very ungrateful, don’t judge us too harshly; the giftor is renowned for offloading a good number of her own ornaments onto others in preparation for her emigration. Call me a sceptic, but I think this gift was largely self-serving to that end.

Sadly, though, there seems to be a lot of illness going about at the moment and I awoke on Boxing Day feeling none too good. While I don’t seem to have contracted a full-on cold/flu/virus whatever the hell it is, I’m still far from being on top form. Still, my damn IT law paper won’t write itself so have set myself the rather vague target of making as much progress as possible with it in the next few days.

I realise the frequency of my posts have dropped off a little of late but I trust the blawgosphere had a tolerable-to-good Christmas and that none were rudely interrupted by Santa’s often untimely entrance on Christmas Eve!


  1. It sounds like you had an enjoyable Christmas. It's hard to believe that 2008 is nearly over!

    Do you have any plans for 2009?

  2. I was worried where this post was going when I saw the accompanying image and comment that you'd been at your in-laws.

    I will now go and wash my mind out with soap and hot water. 'Scuse me.

  3. Yes, Michael - that illustration is highly misleading

  4. Yeah,sorry, I admit that the graphic might be a bit misleading (especially for the more dirty-minded members of the blawgosphere). :-P


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