Computing for Law Students

Law Actually - Computing for law students 2 I’ve decided to create this segment on Law Actually to run throughout the summer for two reasons. Firstly, I just love this sort of stuff and I’ve been tinkering about with computers for years. I’m also not convinced that there is a whole lot of material out there in the way of computing advice and tips pitched at law students so intend to fill this gap in the market.

Secondly, my time as a law student will soon be over and I see this as the optimal time to pass on my (relatively few) nuggets of wisdom (such as they are) and general experience to all and sundry out there in cyberspace – including a few potential and current law students who hopefully find this stuff interesting and useful.

So here’s the plan: I intend to publish a series of posts, starting first with a general look at Windows 7 which I’ve tinkered about within the context of the public beta and the release candidate over the past few months. From there, I’ll write up my conclusions from my 'Open Source Law Student' project – yes, shock horror, I haven’t forgotten entirely about that. In addition, I will throw out a few shortish blurbs focussing on specific software, tips and time-saving ways of working which I’ve found useful during my law degrees.

Stay tuned.


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