Schumacher to return to Formula One

Michael SchumacherI still can’t believe this is actually happening! The legend Michael Schumacher, greatest F1 driver of all time is returning to racing, substituting for the injured Felipe Massa.

No matter how excited you might think I am at the prospect of Schumi returning, I’m a little bit more!

I actually pondered the (unlikely – or so I thought) prospect of Schumacher returning a couple of days ago when it was clear Massa would not be race fit and I think I described it as “ too exciting to even begin to get my ahead around”. The confirmation that the 7 times world champion will be lining up on the grid at Valenicia has sent me into seventh heaven.

For me, F1 has suddenly become interesting again as had found my interest dwindling markedly since Michael retired. I’ve no doubt he’ll be well up to the job, even though he hasn’t driven an F1 car for 15 months and has never driven a car which conforms to the new regs. It should also be pointed out that Schuey has never raced at the Valencia street circuit which was a new arrival on the F1 calendar last year.

Nonetheless, a racing genius is a racing genius and I still expect him to give the lacklustre Raikkonen a real run for his money. It’s INCREDIBLY exciting!

As I tweeted last night, shortly after discovering the news:

Oh my freaking god.... just heard about Schumacher returning to F1 standing in for Massa!!!! Have I died and gone to heaven???? :D :D

Enough said I think.


  1. I've not really followed F1 since Schumacher left, just on/off. But will definitely be tuning in for his return. :D

  2. Great to see another Schuey fan in the blawgosphere! :D

  3. I heard about it, pondered, and decided it was just some media hack desperate for a story, who phoned Schumey's PA for a quote which was "He wouldn't say no, but he's got other things now" and twisted that into a "CHAMPION MAY RETURN" headline. SO often happens. Definitely going to be Gene.

    Humble pie tastes great you know?

  4. What exactly are you on about, Asp?

  5. I've not drunk in ages, it has an effect on me (a bit like Bender in Futurama). One of the poor secretaries got "Good morning Darling" from me this morning, and was bemused to say the least...

    What I was trying to say was that I really didn't see it coming. When the "Ooo, could TGF (That German Fu.. Fellow) be coming back" stories started to break, I put it down as a cheap journo putting a twist on a "I don't know, I've not asked him, he'd probably consider it but he has moved on" quote from his PA when asked and making it the desperate rumour.

    I was sure that Gene would get the replacement drive.

    I've been proved wrong. Goes to show that this sport never ceases to surprise!

  6. Aha... I get you now. :-)

    For what it's worth, my money was also on Gene. I was sure Willi Weber would talk Michael out of it or he just wouldn't have the inclination to do it.

    Still, Badoer or Gene haven't exactly honed their racecraft recently - such as it is to begin with - nor have either of them ever come close to setting the world alight. Gene has the more recent race experience compared to Badoer, of course, but suggestions of sticking the recently booted Bordais or similar (possibly the yet to the chopped Piquet) were absurd. If the rumours went any further down that avenue, you might as well plonk Briatore in the F60, beer belly and all!

    Michael was the absolutely best (and possibly only) competitive choice. I just can't believe it's happened, that's all!

  7. Not sure I agree with your view on Gene not exactly having honed his racecraft lately, what with winning Le Mans less than 2 months ago and all :)

  8. I was referring to 'F1' race experience. Le Mans places rather different demands on the driver and the cars have very different handling characteristics IMO. :-)

  9. I thought you'd pick up on that - but, it's still car race experience. Which is more that even TGF has, and still shows talent behind the wheel.

    And with needing to keep the engine right for 28 races or whatever it is now, car maintenance is perhaps as relevant in F1 as it is in endurance racing!

    I think Gene was the more logical choice as I really don't see what TGF has to gain - but, F1 is always unpredictable and Valencia will be interesting to say the least!

  10. Hmmm, I'm not entirely convinced by any of that, Asp but I agree Gene would have been the more logical choice. Just not necessarily the best; I've no doubt that whatever level Michael performs out, it will be far superior to what Gene would have managed.


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