iPhone users: pretentious and broke … apparently

android versus iphoneFrom: Bitterwallet.com 05/04/11:

If you’re an iPhone owner, chances are that you’re constantly wiping sweat off it. Sweat that pours from your furrowed brow, from the stress and worry caused by the fact that you’re up to your eyes in DEBT.

Or at least that’s the findings of a new YouGov survey which claims that someone’s salary and financial circumstances can be linked to the phone that they own. If you own an Android-powered phone or a BlackBerry, you are more likely to be earning more than your hovel-dwelling iPhone-brandishing counterparts.

What have we learned from this? That all iPhone owners are flash little twerps who don’t actually have the fiscal substance to be able to back up what they imagine to be a luxury lifestyle. As ever, we welcome your comments – unless they’re idiotic and poorly delivered.


I don’t know how much truth there is in this. At a guess, I’d say it’s probably less than Android users would like to think and more than iPhone users are comfortable admitting. But what do I know?

Well, I know this much: I’m an Android user and generally a big fan of the cute little green robot. My HTC desire never skips a beat and every day I enjoy that warm glow of contentment knowing that I’ve shunned another Apple product and feel all the better for it. (Oh, and I’m a self-proclaimed app-aholic, but then again, who isn’t?).

Be right back

While we’re on the subject, I also stumbled across a rather trite entry on the usually un-trite futurelawyer – generally a great blog for all legal-techies.

... iPhone versus Android, [-] which phone is better for lawyers? I can tell you the answer right up front; it doesn't matter, because the smartphone you use is a matter of personal taste. Each lawyer has to measure their needs versus the feature set of the phone they are looking at, and, while I prefer Android for a lot of reasons that I will discuss this afternoon, others prefer Apple's iPhone for their own reasons.

Well there ya go. I’m glad we cleared that up. Eye rolling smile


  1. While I can't say I'm a fan of the i-phone because I think the device leans itself toward phone waving, label dropping and general prentension, I really should keep my mouth shut, because I'm a blackberry user........

  2. Minxy - oh honestly... I didn't have you down as a Blackberry user. :p

  3. O the red faced SHAME of it!! It's TRUE!!!! The sheer PAIN of this admission is forced upon me in a ( 12 step) acceptance of the fact that I am a Blackberry ADDICT!!!!

  4. I'm not surprised iPhone users are broke - I would NEVER pay £45 a month for a phone contract, hell, I don't even pay that for my gym membership!

  5. Well, I guess I suck because I love my I-phone and its cute pink case :)
    Paralegal Hell

  6. I don't have a smartphone. ;D

  7. Paralegal Hell - Oh well, I'm sure we can forgive you. Whether you can forgive yourself is another matter! :p

    Andro - shame on you! I don't know how you cope! :p


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