Lawyers – the circle of life

From Calamities of Nature 15/04/11


That’s aaawwwful!  Surprised smile

Granted, law is supposed to be one of the most despised professions of all, but there are surely worse things someone can do in life.

For instance, your child might always come to you one day and proclaim that they’re not interested in being an astronaut any longer but instead want to be a:

- car salesman,

- estate agent,

- insurance broker,

erm, prostitute ?

In all seriousness, though, is choosing a career in law really that bad?

I was astounded talking to some colleagues recently who, it turned out, a) wouldn’t choose law if they had their time again and b) would definitely discourage their kids from choosing it.

I know Tesco Law ABS might shake things up a bit, but surely the future isn’t THAT gloomy?


  1. Plenty of people I know (and work with) wouldn't choose law again, but then you have the other extreme of people who have entire families of lawyers and they all love it.

    What I do know is that it is an excellent cartoon :)

  2. Lawyers have the exciting job of advocating in the court room and even though a time consuming job, lawyers have helped many people change their life and enforced the law positively on society.

  3. I just want to be a Lumberjack.

  4. And which side of the fence do you fall, Travis? :-) It was the extent of the number of people who regretted choosing law as a career which surprised me!

    Laura, ah, I see we have yet another new member in the blogosphere! I guess the life of a lawyer can be exciting but it's not always juicy cases and wads of money. Anyhoo, I'm sure you'll soon become as cynical as the rest of us! :p

    Minxy - and why not... if you fancy your skills with an axe & chainsaw! Insurance might be a bit expensive tho'! ;-)

  5. I've heard this so much; my boyfriend is the son of a district judge and a solicitor; they both steered him right away from the Law, despite the fact that he would make a very good advocate (annoyingly, they've even admitted this). He's now seeing my journey into it, and becomes more fascinated day by day. I just wonder how long it'll be before he signs up for th GDL (undoubtedly without his parent's support...).

    I've often been given the same advice from many Judges and Barristers, but every now and then there's the one who still has a glint in their eye and is excited about the law. Hopefully, in 20 years time, I'll be that one, telling the bright young things to have a go...


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