Google Chrome is now 2nd most popular browser

From Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo Short Takes of the week 02/12/11:

Google's Chrome has been on the market for only three years, but it has already surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the number-two most-often-used web browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). That's the word from the market researchers at StatCounter, at least, though it's only a matter of time before others who follow web-browser usage share report similar findings[.]

I jumped on the Chrome bandwagon at the end of 2008 and haven’t looked back. In 3 short years it’s got to the point where there are now hardly any people I know that *don’t* use Chrome. It’s the de facto standard browser at work and I live in Chrome every single day.

Firefox has turned into a bit of an also-ran (although they are at least fighting back a bit now) and IE has lurched from versions 7, 8 to 9, all promising the world and under-delivering each time. 

It’s been a long-standing joke that Internet Explorer is simply a one-time portal for users to download a real web browser.  That’s still true today, sadly, as How to Geek cheekily alludes to:

IE 9 - New 'n' Improved

IE 9 is fine; it just isn’t anywhere near as great as Google Chrome. And that’s the problem.


  1. I use Mozilla Firefox. I'm not really a Chrome fan but it's good, too. There was actually a study done showing that people who use IE have lower IQ on average. LOL. But I keep failing in my efforts to get dad to stop using IE...

  2. Guys, you need to try a real browser called 'Opera'. It's the best. ;D

  3. *Groan* You're not still flogging that dead horse, are you? :p

    Btw, I use Opera on my android phone all the time. But Chrome is still 'where it's at' on the pc! Sorry! :p


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