What to get a blogger for Christmas?

blogger christmas gift ideas
Choosing Christmas gifts is such a difficult business isn’t it?  If you’re stumped as to what you should get the blogger in your life (legally oriented or otherwise), help is at hand.

mousematA new mouse mat  - Do people even use mouse mats any longer?  
Oh wait - I do!

More readers
- Ouch.  Don’t rub it in!  Blogs are having a tough time of it lately.  
Well, some are.

novelty USBNovelty USB drive - They’re a bit 2005 aren’t they?  And they haven’t got a great reputation for reliability or robustness.  

A Belkin Cushdesk
- these are actually excellent and perfect for the blogger who likes to blog from the boudoir using a laptop.  They’re inexpensive, very hard-wearing, ensure the air intake on your laptop doesn’t get blocked and, most importantly, prevents scorching to your upper thighs!


USB toaster - ‘Cause, you know, blogging really gives you an appetite.  If only this were a real product.  Sigh.USB toaster

Book: Blogging for dummies –
a bit of a no brainer (even if it’s an insult).  Still, you can laugh it off later saying it’s one of *those* novelty gifts.  But secretly, YOU’LL know you meant it!!

An iPad?  Oooh, generous.  But don’t be stupid: real bloggers don’t use iPads.  ;-)

rudolphA guest blog post - Wait, these are gift ideas - not punishments.  So please tell all those offering ‘high quality’ guest blog posts that they can stuff them up Rudolph’s ass.  (Sorry Rudolph).


touchscreen glovesTouchscreen gloves   Yes, yes, oh fricking YES!!  This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Now I get to keep using my phone AND the use of my fingers on the commute to work in the morning.  Why are railway station platforms the chilliest places in the world?

A visual overhaul from a professional web designer - Christmas is as good a time as any to sort that mess out!!

USB computer garland - I might have bought this to Christmas-fy Law Actually HQ, (well, my office, anyway) had it not been for the pretentious macbook used in the demo picture. 

USB garland

A bucket of creative inspiration - you can’t put a price on that.

wireless mouseCordless mouse – Isn’t it time you embraced a life free from wires?  Mind you, when those final couple of readers desert you in the New Year, there’ll be nothing to hang yourself with.  Oh wait - you can still use the keyboard wire.  Phew!

“ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income”
- Christmas is the time for miracles, right? :p pro-blogger
Link to them - Stuff gifts, what every blogger REALLY wants from Santa is google juice.  But try putting that in a stocking!


  1. What? The USB toaster isn't real? Bugger, now I'm going to have to think of something else for Santa to bring me.

    And please don't tell me that Santa isn't real either...

  2. I like the idea of the Cushdesk. I may invest in one of those :)

  3. AW - they're great. You should definitely get one! :-)


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