April Skewers (and novel umbrellas)

NubrellaFrom the Telegraph 10/04/12:

The Nubrella, which resembles a bubble wrapped around the user's head and shoulders, works by strapping on a shoulder support and extending a canopy around the head. Weighing just over 1kg, it costs £40 and comes in either black or see-through style.

Inventor Alan Kaufman, 49, from Florida, said: "The major advantage is the wearer doesn't have to carry anything when not in use as it goes behind the head like a hood.

Hmmm. Possibly.

In high winds, though, I think it’s still going to suffer from the same trouble as conventional umbrellas, only now it could garrotte you into the bargain!  If you got a strong and unexpected gust of wind up under the Nubrella, you might suddenly find yourself generating more lift than a Boeing triple 7 on take-off; there’s no telling where you’ll end up or whether your head will still be connected to your body in any meaningful way when you land.  Cue the neck injury claims, eh?

Talking of which, aren’t pedestrians just lethal with umbrellas when you’re trying to manoeuvre down a pavement?  How more eyes aren’t jabbed out by careless umbrella users is beyond me. I’ve had a few close shaves myself.

umbrella injury claim

"The umbrella was long overdue for some innovation, now people can ride their bikes and work outdoors completely hands free while staying protected.

Goodness. I hope it’s properly earthed. I’m assuming that asking for it to act as a Faraday cage should you be struck by a stray bolt of lightning is a bit too much to ask?

Thought so. Maybe that’s coming in the next gen model? Be right back

"Millions of people are required to work outdoors no matter what the conditions are and simply can't hold an umbrella and perform their tasks

Can’t they do the ‘handless phone hold position’ and cradle wedge it against their jaw and collar bone? I tried doing that with a torch the other day when I was DIY-ing I the loft – with near disastrous consequences. Maybe there is a need for this after all.


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