Pet-trifying road traffic accidents

dog road accident claim

From AOL Money 16/03/12:

Direct Line pet insurance has revealed that more than a quarter of the dog and cat road accident claims it settled last year occurred in just 10 locations.

Ouch. You might want to keep your furry friend on a leash if you live anywhere near those locations then!

Still, maybe those who live in or around those areas are just more predisposed to settling claims?   Just a thought…

Pet owners in the Berkshire town of Reading made the highest number of claims for dogs or cats injured in a road accident, followed by Redhill in Surrey and London.

I thought Reading was a city? No?

Ah – thanks, Wikipedia – I see it IS a town. AOL Money – I take it all back! Be right back

Despite settling pet road accident claims in 104 of the UK's 124 postcode locations last year, Direct Line revealed that 27 per cent of the 815 claims closed occurred in just ten hotspots.

1. Reading

2. Redhill

3. London

4. Guildford

5. Bristol

6. Glasgow

7. Edinburgh

8. Portsmouth

9. Southend

10. Hemel Hempstead

Portsmouth and Southend? I didn’t expect to see those listed! 

The total cost of pet road accident claims settled during 2011 was £752,245, with each claim costing an average of £923. The average cost of a claim involving a cat was £794, rising to £1,118 for a dog.

More surprisingly it seems that names play a part in a pet's likelihood to be involved in an accident according to Direct Line. More than 60 per cent of settled claims involved a cat, with the most accident prone felines called Leo, Tigger and Billy.

Poor Tigger! So much for cats supposedly having nine lives!

Dogs called Max, Charlie and Molly were most likely to be involved in an RTA.


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