Superhuman moneybag lifter a misprint after all

From the Metro 22/08/12:

Mary Deller heard her back pop when she was asked to lift two bags of 500 £1 coins, weighing a total of 9.5kg (21lb), on to a trolley.

olympic moneybag starAh – that isn’t quite what I read in the paper version of the Metro yesterday morning: 

money bag injury - metro

She was left in constant pain and unable to walk or work after the accident in September 2010 and is now bound by crutches and a wheelchair.

The trained dancer, 26, was awarded an out-of-court settlement from NatWest, which she said failed to give her health and safety training in Cheriton, Kent.

She added: 'Compensation can only cover loss of earnings - it will never cover the loss of my quality of life.'

Yes, yes, we got all that the first time around.  Thinking smile

I thought it didn’t look quite right when I read it in the paper yesterday morning.  I thought either cashier girls must be built like Jet from Gladiators, or something had gone horribly wrong.  In my usual absent minded away, my thoughts must have drifted on to something else (probably the stench coming from the toilet at the end of the carriage). 

By the way, Rich, I signed the e-petition campaigning for the government to reconsider giving the West Coast Mainline franchise to FirstGroup, but please, can’t you sort out the stinky toilets on your Cross Country trains? 

Anyhoo, thank God the Metro put the matter to rest in this morning’s edition:

metro - correction

Stone me.  That’s quite a difference.  So, it seems that Olympic talent spotters need not get themselves straight down to their local branch of Nat West to look for potential weight-lifters, shotput and hammer throwing stars!

All is right with the world again.  Surprised smile


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