An Update from Marmite the Bunny

Marmitius Cheekius Rabbitus (Latin name, obviously).

Marmite the RabbitHello there readers,

It’s been almost a year since I first graced the blawgopshere and it’s been a busy time for all at Law Actually HQ.

After the cable-damage incident in the LA datacentre last June, I took it upon myself to investigate the possibility of running the electrical and computer cabling under the floors.

To this end, I had to make an access hole through one of the carpets in the entrance hall – something which did not go down particularly well with all my colleagues. Despite assuring everyone that I had the business’ interests at heart, I found myself firmly rebuked for the creation of said hole. To make matters worse, my experiment wasn’t a total success either. As I submitted in my written report, “the concrete floors on the lower levels made the installation of cabling on a subterranean basis untenable.”

What a bummer. Even as a bunny, you live and learn.

Carpet Damage - Bunny Digs

Back in September, I appeared in the Metro “Pets of the Day” and later in the autumn I assisted in the planting of daffodil bulbs. I was particularly helpful in digging holes in the soil, even though I felt my assistance wasn’t properly appreciated by some! Humph. Once spring finally sprung this year, the daffodils provided some cheery springtime colour to the Law Actually grounds.

Marmite - Famous Bunny

Leading up to Christmas, I was asked to don on my Santa hat (much to my chagrin) and feature in a photo shoot. All I was interested in was my afternoon nap.

Marmite Christmas Hat

Christmas was a merry affair at LA HQ with a day, as Michael dubbed it, “of festive fare and merry-making”. I had a great time opening my gifts, hiding under the Christmas tree and nibbling it when the fancy took me. I found the gift wrapping of much greater interest than the gifts themselves.

Marmite - Wrapping Paper

The snow in January was really quite something. I particularly liked burrowing through it to nibble the sweet tender grass below. Coping with the ice proved trickier than I expected; even with four legs I was slipping and sliding like a trooper, but I didn’t let it stop me binkying like a mad thing.

Marmite - Nosing snowMarmite - Head BuriedMarmite - Stunned LookSpring and summer has seen my interest in herbs rekindled. There’s nothing I like more than a good munch on some fresh fennel, mint and parsley from the Law Actually gardens. I’ve also developed a taste for strawberry plants and beetroot leaves!

Marmite NibblingMarmite - Gravel

I like to sun myself (when it’s not too warm). There’s nothing like a dose of Vitamin D to bring a certain lushness to a bun’s coat of fur!

Marmite - StepMarmite - Grass

Marmite - MatMarmite - Nosing shed

That’s all for now, readers.

Until the next time.


Marmite - Signature


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