Lloyds-Deloitte Scandal Muddies the PPI Waters

Sponsored PostPPI claims companyFor followers of consumer finance news it would seem that the mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal goes from bad to worse! The latest incident involves the Lloyds Group and financial services provider Deloitte, and has become something of a row between the two. The saga involves a call centre staffed by personnel brought in by Deloitte to handle mis sold PPI claims for Lloyds’ customers, an undercover journalist from The Times, and some rather unusual alleged instructions to staff at the centre. It should be said that Deloitte is adamant it has not been involved in wrongdoing.

The Times’ Revelations
The Times sent a journalist into the centre, posing as a trainee, and the report that followed alleged that not only were staff encouraged to ‘play the system’ in order to slow down or deter claims, but there were also incidences of signatures being put to agreements without consent and other misdemeanours, which The Times alleges led to the contract between the two parties being terminated. Deloitte is at pains to point out that the contract was actually ended because Lloyds opted to use two providers instead of three, and it chose to close the Deloitte contract irrespective of the reports.

The Latest in a Long Line
This latest saga is just one of many that have dogged the PPI claims routine over the past couple of years; even after the High Court ruled that the lenders must pay back fees on mis sold policies there were numerous instances in which banks were fined for being too slow. The revelations that a Lloyds call centre – albeit one staffed by third party employees – has been so recently involved in similar practices will not be welcomed by the consumers.

Where the Confused Should Turn
The resultant mistrust of the banks and other lenders and apparent intent to make things difficult for consumers has left many claimants unsure of what to do next. In fact, there are good reasons for using a PPI Claims company, especially if they are looking for a stress-free and easy way of making a claim. There are plenty offering no obligation advice and help, with online applications that can take mere moments, and the benefit of expertise is many-fold. Experience, after all, cannot be bought, and with an average payout of £3000 so far there are good reasons for investigating further the possibilities of making a PPI claim.


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