Late-Life Crisis Caused By Bereavement and Personal Injury

Guest PostbereavementWe’ve all heard of mid-life crises, but until recently, hardly any research had been performed on what is now being dubbed the ‘late-life crisis.’ Perhaps this is a symptom of higher levels of longevity in the modern world. Either way, one-third of 60-69 year-olds suffer from this psychological shift in the UK.

Late-life crises are largely periods of withdrawal, depression, isolation, and anxiety about this time of life. Unlike the mid-life crisis – which is largely caused by despair at how the chips have fallen, a loss of youth, and worrying financial concerns – the triggers for the late-life crisis tend to emerge from bereavements or personal injuries.

Why? Losing loved ones or your own mobility can make the elderly feel as if time is running out – increasing frailty is hard to accept for some, especially those who depended on their physical abilities to earn a living.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom
One-fifth of 60-69 year-olds feel as if their views on life are unchanged, and for many, this is a time to take life more slowly – it’s a good time to live and maybe start moving into retirement or spending more time at the allotment/with the grandchildren/going on vacation, etc.

Understandably, this period of life does present difficult obstacles, such as failing physical health and a greater likelihood of friends and close ones passing away.

The online survey recorded the views of almost 300 60+s in the UK. Bereavement was cited as the most common trigger of a late-life crisis, closely followed by personal injury. Usually, stressful events that led to a late-life crisis were caused by poor health of love ones or themselves – it would make them more aware of their frailty and mortality, as a result.

Personal Injuries
As we get older, injuries become more likely. Especially personal injuries from slips or falls. And the older we are, the less quickly we are likely to recover and the less effectively we will heal. It’s important to claim compensation, if you are not to blame for your injuries, as you’re more likely to need expensive care. Road traffic accident solicitors can help you if you were involved in a vehicle collision, so get legal advice.

It’s common for road traffic accidents to jump-start late-life crises, as these experiences often involve loved ones in the car too. The experience can be traumatic and lives can be easily lost.

As people realise they can’t carry on as before, they experience a development crisis. When a person in their sixties is overwhelmed by loss-inducing events, it’s common for a late-life crisis to ensue. With better understanding of this process, psychologists can help treat this problem and aid elderly patients. Mental health issues can have as far reaching an effect as physical ones, and in some cases are so debilitating that living becomes exceptionally challenging.


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