Newsreader reinvents the iPad

Simon McCoy iPadFrom the Guardian 18/09/13:

It is a blunder worthy of fictional broadcasters Ron Burgundy or Alan Partridge, but BBC News presenter Simon McCoy outdid both characters on Wednesday when he presented a report while carrying a stack of photocopier paper – after mistaking it for an iPad.

The 51-year-old broadcaster was fronting a live piece to camera from the BBC newsroom when he picked up a refill pack of A4 paper instead of his more high-tech prop.

Instead of acknowledging his mistake and swapping the items, McCoy carried on with the report with the batch of paper clearly visible in his hands.

How is this even possible? I understand that the pressure of presenting live television must be immense, but surely it’s not so much that you mistake the normal weight of an iPad for that of a ream of A4 paper?

In any case, once realising his mistake, he should have salvaged what little of his dignity he could and gracefully placed the ream of paper on the ground instead of presenting the story in the manner of a shelf-stacker at Staples.

Or something. 


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