Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Law Actually – 7 today

Law Actually 7th BirthdayToday marks the 7th birthday of LA. Where the heck has the time gone?

The blawgosphere has changed considerably over the past 7 years with a large number of the student/graduate law blogs that used to be so plentiful almost dying away completely.  I’ve mulled over a lot of the changes previously, so there’s no point in repeating them here.

Any hopes I once held for a blawgging revival are long gone. Other forms of social media have taken centre stage and their popularity shows no sign of receding.  For me, they’re not mutually exclusive, but I know I’m in the minority on this. .

My approach to blogging has changed, too.  I find I create fewer of my own images now – something I used to really enjoy.  Maybe I should get back to playing about in Photoshop a bit more.  I also feature more guest posts now.  I’m still trying to get the balance right with that.  I’ll keep at it.

But the main thing to say here is that whilst there is little sense of a blogging community these days, I enjoy blogging now as much as I did 7 years ago.  As long as that’s the case, I’ll carry on.
Here’s to another 12 months as a blogger.  I’m looking forward to it.  Be right back


  1. Congratulations - there aren't many of us old-timers left!

  2. Thanks, John. Yes - very true. At least some of us have staying power, eh? :-)

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Law Actually! :)

  4. Thanks, AW. Hope all is well with you. :-)