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Everyone seems to be jumping on this bandwagon recently, so I thought it was high time that the Law Actually blog joined in the fun. I’ve tried to adopt a different approach to the review process; instead of providing a heads-up of the content that each blawg has featured in the last week like so many blogs are doing, I provide a more holistic and longer-term review of a sample of blawgs I visit based on my experiences of the blawgs over time.

I've selected a bunch of the good, the bad and those that fade into mediocrity to give my unique take on who’s hot and who’s not in the blawging world right now.

So, in no particular order the Law Actually blawg review as of 10th Feb 2008:

Geeklawyer: Colourful and opinionated posts, Geeky’s a stalwart blawger who’s ‘been the course’. Undoubtedly on the essential blawg shortlist, his content is interesting, sometimes contentious, but Geeky’s never one to shy away from a controversy. You can count on Geeklawyer to tell it like it is without pulling any punches. Amusing anecdotes are peppered amongst more hardcore legal content. Downside: not the most prepossessing blawg out there but I guess content is king after all.

Legally Blonde in London: An entertaining and insightful blog from an LPC student, Susie’s blawg is what Law Actually perhaps should have been. My proclivity for wandering off at tangents scuppered any hope of that, though. Despite drowning in a sea of pink, the blog is nicely laid out with relevant and directional posts – mostly LPC related. Updated frequently and easy to read. Downside: doesn’t link to Law Actually. Nudge, nudge, Susie.

Law Minx: Prolific and popular, ‘Minxy’ as I continually dub her is the ‘ultimate blawgwatcher’ who’s always doing the rounds. Verbose in her posts, generous with her comments, Minxy’s the all-rounder of the blawging world who’s got it covered. Almost without exception, any post on a law student blawg will have a comment from Minxy. Downside: her posts can be a little lengthy.

Charon QC
: the ‘Daddy’ of the blawgs. Tenacious and multi-faceted, Charon’s energy and fearless spirit in delving into the abyss of legal content and multiplicity of topics is as admirable as it is concerning. Where does the guy get the energy? What with the podcasts as well, just thinking about the range and quantity of material ‘Good ol’ Charon’ covers just tires me out.

Android’s Reminiscences: Concise, punchy with ‘hidden depth’. I like this blawg at lot and is always a good read. Often quirky, you can ‘dip into’ Android’s blog without kissing goodbye to your lunch hour. Easy to read, varied posts – you’re guaranteed an interesting visit. With a streamlined design that’s minimalistic in layout, this blawg ticks all the right boxes.

The Diaries of UK Law Students: The content is varied, as is the quality and posting frequency, it’s a blog that’s never shrugged off its cobbled-together feel. Being crafted collectively by several law students is perhaps a good idea in theory but flawed in practice – at least here, anyway. Diaries of UK law students can be safely overlooked. Good Google rankings, though – never let it be said I don’t give credit where it’s due. ;-)

Legal Seagull: The new comer who’s hit the ground running and then stumbled to his knees. Infrequent yet insightful postings, the seagull’s worth a visit for new takes on regurgitated content.

Lost London Law Student: a fairly new blawg, but one that quickly established itself on my shortlist. Candid and no-nonsense opinion is coupled with a healthy dollop of unrepentant griping – all of which seem justified, understandable and entertaining.

Law Dent: down but not out? Having gone to ground for a few months, ‘the Dent’ has emerged albeit half-heartedly. I await a possible revival with interest.

Barrister 2 Be: the second coming. We all thought we’d seen the last of B2B but he’s back and more determined than ever. Insightful, intense and fascinating posts, B2B is a blawger who doesn’t hold back and reveals a good deal more than most about the struggles and strains of pre-practice life.

Baby Barrista: Over-hyped and over-rated, I don’t even link to it, and for good reason. Perhaps worth swinging by, for a quarterly check-in but no more. Quite frankly, I've better things to do with my time than read an entirely fictional account of a trainee barrister.

Asp Bites: Lesser-known by some blawgers out there, Asp is a great blawg: funny, well written and is never afraid to go off-topic. I swing by Asp’s blog regularly and am never disappointed. Highly recommended, Asp’s got breaking and topical news stories ably covered. A prolific poster who’s stood the test of the time and recently moved to blogger. Expect this blawg to go from strength the strength.

Legally Blonde: Quirky and fun to read, Elle’s dog, Theodore, is the cute blawg-dawg who features frequently in postings. Great for that light-hearted US blawg fix and straight-up, non-pretentious blurbs. With Theodore, of course.

Legal Lass: another good blog, written by a BVC student. Legal Lass is a regular poster renowned for frank accounts of her positive and not so positive experiences, with several doses of sound advice thrown in for good measure. Sadly, does not link to Law Actually but you can’t have everything I guess.


  1. Great review!

    I stopped reading BabyBarista after he 'got' his tenancy. I also think his posts were better before TimesOnline took over.

    Thanks so much for you kind words :)

  2. Good stuff Law Actually - thanks for the mention. I have put a couple of the blogs (Android / Asp Bites) on my blogroll

    I think I may need to get out more... blogging keeps me sane... as they say :-)

    Excellent graphics - clearly you area master in the use of Photoshop.

    OTT on Valentine's Day ?

    Absolutely !

    Thanks for the mention... plenty to write about these days: corruption, MPs fiddling expenses, police bugging lawyer/client conversations, Housing Ministers returning to the idea of the Workhouse, Archbishops going off piste.... should keep us busy for a while!

  3. Thanks for the honourable mention LA; I appreciate that I am wont to bouts of prolonged verbal diahrroea and will endevour to improve on this front, though I will offer the defence of Bieng Boring(this is a complete defence and is largely self inflicted with unfortunate consequences for others!)
    Having said this, Im going off on one now, arent I?.....

  4. Can I also suggests as a very good blog. Hosted by my ex-coblogger the infamous Ruthie and VM - a real life QC. It's a great read when they can be arsed to post.

  5. I think you're right with the Babybarrista comment, Android; since The Times took over the hosting, the blog's best days were over. It's been all downhill from there.

    Know what you mean about so much to keep us busy blogging, Charon. We've all got out work cut out as it is during this stage of the year without so many stories practically screaming out to be blogged.

    For what it's worth, Minxy, I don't think you should deviate from your trademark longer posts; your blog just wouldn't be the same without it. :-)

    I have visited Ruthie's Law before and will check it out again. If I like what I see, I'll add it to my shortlist

  6. Oh Bleedin' about lathering everyone's ego. What is this?Some sort of hippy love in for Blawgers?

  7. A hippy love-in for blawgers?!? Great stuff. You're a card, Mr Pineapples.


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