Leo Laporte: “Grandpa did not infect the computer with porn, Come on!?! Come on!?!”

Grandpa My consumption rate for podcasts has always been high. I’ve been on the Twit (this week in tech) podcast bandwagon for 2-3 years now but just recently, I’ve found myself listening to an unprecedented amount of content.

As well as my beloved Windows Weekly – I haven’t missed an episode since it launched in September 2006 –I’ve been tuning into Macbreak Weekly, The Tech Guy, Security Now and This Week in Tech. I’ve even listened to Jumping Monkeys (go, figure) but, somewhat worryingly, not This Week in Law. Well, you know how it is, blawgwatchers – there’s only so much law you can take in a working week. 

Tonight as I was finishing off listening to Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy, there was a great call taken involving a woman and her husband who liked to email out jokes to friends and family they find on the internet. Just the text, mind you. On one occasion recently, when they emailed some jokes out to their son-in-law, he responded by alleging that they sent him a virus/spyware which not only infected his work computer, but also sent him to several ‘porno sites’. Lovely stuff.

Given all the facts, Leo gave short shrift to these arguments and concluded, correctly in my opinion, that the son-in-law was pis*ed with them over something else. Leo wisely asked if the son got a decent Christmas present last year to see if that was his gripe. The answer was amusing: yes he did but he’s not gonna get another.

The caller seemed genuinely innocent and had done everything you could expect: explained immediately to the son it was nothing to do with them, had her computer checked by a professional and ran anti-virus and anti-spyware software anyway. The son-in-law is now not talking to them, thus making life difficult considering there are grandkids involved. Maybe the son had gotton his computer infected with the nasty stuff having been on a self-inflicted porn-fest and sought an excuse to give to his partner: “Honestly, darling, that’s why my computer's weighed down with porn – your daddy sent it to me”. Like that’s going to help his cause.


  1. I love it how non-technical people just blame everything on viruses from pr0n sites!

  2. I'm loving the Valentine's header by the way!

  3. Glad you like the header. I was planning a pancake version as well but that one caught me out - I was expecting it later in the month. Am slightly worried that I've 'camped up' Law Actually a bit too much with this one.


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