Rowan Williams’ debacle escalates further

rowan From The Telegraph 08/02/08:

“The Archbishop of Canterbury faced calls for his resignation today as bishops joined politicians in criticising his remarks supporting the adoption of sharia law in Britain.

To add to his woes, Lord Carey, his predecessor at Canterbury, and the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, challenged his view that aspects of Islamic law could be incorporated into the English legal system.

The row erupted on Thursday when Dr Williams suggested the introduction of Muslim laws into the UK was "unavoidable".

I’ve been following this story carefully since it first emerged. Thus far, it’s gone down like a lead balloon and got the UK public up in arms in a way I’d almost forgotten they were capable of doing. What I still don’t get, of course, is why he broached such a nightmare subject anyway – at least using the sharia example that he did. As has been frequently pointed out, the subject of interaction between religions etc. is topical and worthy; launching straight in with the sharia example, though, was surely ill-advised.


  1. The Archbishop is a thoughtful scholar without a lick of common sense in his woolly head.

    He must definitely resign.

  2. It certainly was ill-advised!
    Actually at first I did wonder if it was a deliberate ploy on his part, ridiculous OTT statement -> public outcry -> certainment that sharia & interpretations of current and future cases are not overly favourable to muslim sensibilities.
    Then amid the cat calls for his resignation I did realise that was far too much of conspiracy theory.

    I agree he has some ideas that need to be discussed, but doesn't he have a PR man ?! not a good one...


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