Another police visit – what MUST the neighbours think?

pc Somewhat worryingly, we had a second visit from the police earlier today. The first came a couple of weeks ago when a policewoman called looking for a previous tenant. After suffering the ignominy of struggling to get the front door open – never a good sign – I then had to explain that we knew nothing of the ‘wanted man’. Knowing better than to ask what Mr X was ‘wanted for’, I had to let my imagination fill in the gaps: needless to say, we’ve been viewing that slight hump in the back lawn with renewed suspicion all afternoon.

Of course, it never looks good when you have a police car parked outside your house and an officer ring the bell but I thankfully refrained from yanking him through the front door in a Hyacinth Bucket manner. Given that we couldn’t offer him any useful information he was soon on his way after exchanging pleasantries and apologising for disturbing us - what a nice chap! Just to add to the embarrassment, though, he made a point of taking an inordinately long time before driving off. And yes, I’m sure those net curtains where twitching left, right and centre all along the close. Typical!


  1. I would of thought you was pretty cool or that you kept buying the police off :D

    They probably think your either.


    Either way I would be careful :P

  2. Yeah, possibly. Either way, it doesn't look good as we only moved in 3 weeks ago!

  3. It could have been could have been a 6am drugs raid!

  4. That's true! I should thank my lucky stars for that I suppose! :-)

  5. This is World of Wierd material for certain!!

  6. We all know you are running a brothel there! :)

  7. Oh dear. You've committed the sins of : being a student and having the police round in your first month. May dampen 'borrowing a cup of sugar' prospects from some neighbours!

    Are you going to dig up the hump in the back garden and hope it doesn't go a bit Brookside? Heh!

  8. Oooh, let's home they won't come back!

  9. For the time being, the hump is staying undisturbed. We've enough problems as it is! :-o


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