Wacky Wednesday: Bats, bras and Mosley's High Court action

Girl finds bat in bra

Bat in BraFrom BBC News 9/7/08:

A teenager who thought movement in her underwear was caused by her vibrating mobile phone found a bat curled up asleep in her  bra.

Abbie Hawkins, 19, of Norwich, had been wearing the bra for five hours when she plucked up the courage to investigate.

When she did, she found a baby bat in [the] padding in her 34FF bra. The hotel receptionist said she was shocked but felt bad for removing the "cuddly" bat. "It looked cosy and comfortable and I was sorry for disturbing it," she said.

You what? And she thought it was her phone? Maybe she makes a habit of leaving it in there – it does away with the need for a phone holder I suppose. But a bat!? I wonder what other wildlife she’s got nestling down there?

Women confirm Mosley shenanigans had no Nazi theme

From BBC News 8/7/08:

Four women who took part in a sadomasochistic session with motorsport boss Max Mosley have denied there was any Nazi-themed role-play.

Witness D, a student in her 20s who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said the paper's account of what had happened on 28 March in a Chelsea basement flat was "absurd".

She told the court: "I am particularly appalled at the accusations that our scenarios had any Nazi connotation or overtones. No Nazi images, uniforms or material were used."

On 28 March, she said, she felt she was "amongst friends, doing something I enjoy and all those involved enjoy".

Maybe Max will survive this after all. The case continues.....



  1. I once discovered a spider in my trainer... I was barefoot for the first and last time :O Ever since, I always shake out my footwear before I wear it ;D

  2. Erm, how did the bat get in there? Did it nose dive in when she wasn't looking?!


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